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The Must-Have Pre-wedding Beauty Kit

The Must-Have Pre-wedding Beauty Kit

Being a millennial bride is no cakewalk! From being swamped at work to going absolutely bonkers with all the wedding preps at home. Gone are the days when a bride could actually pamper and groom herself months before her big day. And ultimately, this stress takes a toll on your health resulting in hair fall, dull skin, acne and the list goes on. Therefore, this chaotic lifestyle calls for an extra dose of nutrition which cannot be met with just your regular dietary intake. Think you’re in a fix?

But fret no more dear brides because Chicnutrix is here to put an end to your woes, a smile on your face and give you that additional boost of nutrition!

Built on the dreams and years of experience of three passionate girl bosses, Chicnutrix aims to deliver beauty and health, inside out, with a touch of science to your glamour quotient. After all, only a woman understands another woman the best! Hence, they term it as a venture – by the women, for the women.

So if flawless skin, strong and bouncy hair and a healthy gut are what you’re hoping to achieve, then this space is your jackpot! Chicnutrix has the purest, effective, clinically proven, carefully-crafted, compliant, convenient and the best nutritional supplements for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Your secret magic kit!

Let’s agree to disagree, your perfect makeup and hairdo is just half the battle one. The real mission is treating your skin and hair issues from their roots and achieving that picture-perfect look that lasts forever.

1. BOUNCE – Good hair day, every single day!

A Hair Nutrition Supplement formulated with Proprietary Hair Recovery Complex, Biotin and Selenium.

2. GLOW – Bid adios to all dull skin issues!

A Beauty Nutrition Supplement with clinically proven “Opitac” Glutathione & Vitamin C.

3. SUPER C – Say hello to young skin and healthy hair!

A Beauty Nutrition Supplement containing Natural Vitamin C, rich Amla Extract and Zinc.

4. MIGHTY OMEGA – No filter needed for great skin and hair!

A Beauty Nutrition Supplement containing Omega 3 Fish Oil with Highly Effective 3:2 EPA:DHA

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Don’t just go with what we say. Take a look for yourself at this amazing and genuine feedback from Sana Ghauri!

“Chicnutrix Super C helps protect my skin in and out. It also helps fight my acne and breakouts and rejuvenates my skin.” – Sana Ghauri

It’s time to share your secret with your Sassy Chic Squad! Because this trunk that’s loaded with nutritional goodness is not only a must-have pre-wedding kit, but it also makes a perfect gift for your Chics!

So whether you are a girl next door or a runway rockstar, a pretty girl with twinkling eyes or a lady with elegance and style, running a corporate empire or queen of your castle get ready to get chic!

Stay Chic! Stay Awesome!

All Image Source: Chicnutrix

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