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The ultimate beauty timeline every bride-to-be needs to follow before her big day

The ultimate beauty timeline every bride-to-be needs to follow before her big day

Waxing appointments, pre-wedding facials, hair care and what not! There are so many things on your mind before you get married that you are sure to forget something or the other at the last moment. So, here’s a pre-wedding beauty checklist that you can print and stick on your refrigerator to keep up with the all the things that you have to start doing 6 months before the big day. Buckle up. The timeline starts!


6 Months to D-Day


1. Make an appointment with a dermatologist  



Consult a professional for your hair and skincare regimen. Start using moisturisers, scrubs and under eye creams religiously for a glowing and radiant skin on your wedding day. According to your skin and hair type, your dermat may suggest some vitamins too. If needed, they may suggest some skin and hair treatments for improving its condition.


2. See a nutritionist and/or a personal trainer



Get a diet plan. Eat your fruits and veggies. Drink tons of water and workout to get in shape, and fit in your dream lehenga. Believe me, crash dieting 3 weeks before the wedding will only make you crave for those wedding sweets pouring at home.


3. Visit your hairstylist



If there is any change you want to make to your hair, now is the time. Dramatically taking off length or changing colour is something you should try 6 months before and not 1 week before you’re getting married. Ask your hairstylist for homecare tips. You can start deep-conditioning once a week or take hair spa sessions every month for a gorgeous mane on your big day. I personally love using the Schwarzkopf Spa Essence Hydrating Cream Mask every 1-2 weeks to maintain my hair.


3 Months to D-Day


1. Start getting regular facials  



Visit a professional salon or skin care clinic that will suggest you pre-bridal facials every 10-15 days according to your skin type.


2. Groom your brows



If your eyebrows are in bad shape, now is the time to grow them out completely and see a brow specialist who can work their magic and shape your brows according to your preference and face type.


3. Get hold of a good mani-pedi therapist



I cannot stress how important it is to get your mani-pedi sessions in place before your wedding day. Not only will your nails be healthy, the relaxing massages that follow will take the edge of wedding prep from your mind.


1 Month to D-Day


1. Teeth cleaning



As menial as this may sound, teeth cleaning and whitening are important before the big day. Not only will all your wedding pics look great when you smile, but the wedding day kiss to your hubby-to-be will be a breath of fresh air. Literally!


2. Kick your diet and workout in full gear


Cut sugar, limit carbs and dairy and hit the gym in full force. Lift weights to tone your arms and show them off in your wedding trousseau.


3. Scrub that toned bod



We all know what a good exfoliating session does to our skin. So, pick your favourite body scrub and give yourself an extra 10 minutes in the shower every week. My personal fav is Spa Of The World African Ximenia Scrub from The Body Shop. It is creamy with micro grains that feel heavenly when massaged on your skin. And the glow after every use, my my!


1 Week to D-Day *wedding jitters begin*


1. Indulge in a full-body massage




Wedding prep is no joke. It is stressful and can give you sleepless nights. So, give yourself a break and book an aromatherapy or deep tissue massage at a luxurious spa to unwind and relax your mind and body. Believe me, don’t skip this indulgence. You’ll thank me later.


2. Get your final session of facial



Do this 1 week prior and not 2 days before the wedding. Give time to your skin to settle down before the big day.


3 Days to D-day *cries nervously*


1. Waxing



Get a full body wax from a trusted therapist or reputed salon. I’d recommend going for a strip-less chocolate wax. Not only is it gentler on your skin, it smells like heaven and leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple.


2. Last brow groom session

Pluck or thread your stray eyebrow hair for a clean and groomed look. Use a soothing aloe vera gel or lotion near the brow area after plucking to prevent inflammation or redness.


3. Get your nails done



If you are opting for extensions or nail art, now is the time to get it done. Pro-tip: Choose a nail colour that goes with all your wedding outfits. A squoval nail shape with golden glitter tips is a great option if you’re looking for something subtle yet fun.


1 Day to D-Day *tries to evade a panic attack*


Chill. Rest. Repeat. – Hangout with your bridesmaids, eat well and get a good night’s sleep.



*pats own back to have made it this far, tries not be a runaway bride*


1. The day is finally here. Wake up well rested and have a hearty breakfast. If you are fasting on your wedding day, like many brides and grooms do until they tie the knot; eat a bowl of fresh fruits and keep yourself hydrated with lots of water or nimbu pani.


2. Follow your skincare regimen like every day. Get your makeup and hair done, wear that kickass lehenga and walk down the aisle looking like a bomb and knocking everyone dead!


Source: The Wedding Crasher

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