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The Ultimate Bridal bucket list – 15 things you must do before tying the knot!

The Ultimate Bridal bucket list – 15 things you must do before tying the knot!

Wedding planning can be tiring, frustrating, time consuming, overwhelming and stressful. After all, you are prepping for the most important day of your life!

So, we suggest take a break and fill your last days as a ‘single gal’ with some really fun things! After all these are some memories you will cherish a lot, specially after getting married! 😉

Check out this bridal bucket list of things you definitely need to do before you tie the knot!

Throw the most epic bachelorette:

Spend some time with your #GirlSquad and indulge in some much-deserved gossip and drinks. Go wild in Vegas or Ibiza, treat yourself to a spa day or get dressed up and have a drunken week-out!

Face your fears:

Now is the perfect time to do something, which you would never usually do. Face your fears and book yourself an adventure sport – skydiving, river rafting or paragliding! Go on a solo trip and be with yourself & your thoughts for some time 🙂

Whatever gets your adrenaline going,  just do it! Marriage will seem way less scary afterwards :p

First date (again):

Repeat your very first date with your hubby-to-be. We’re talking about the exact same location, the same outfits, the same everything! It will be fun to relive the experience again and you’ll get to have those first date butterflies all over again! Just make sure to avoid the first date fails though :p

Take a break:

Amongst all the chaos around, it’s very important to find time just for yourself. So, put down the to-do sheet, forget about the decor details and just relax. Just switch off from all the wedding planning and sleep the night off!  You can thank us later.

Love letters:

Go, old school, forget whatsapp, IMs and emails and write an actual letter. One of those cheesy romantic ones about why you can’t wait to marry him, and give it to him the morning before the wedding day. He’ll melt right away and be reminded why he fell in love with you in the first place.

Go on a wild shopping spree:

Buy those shoes you’ve always wanted, the expensive jacket you know you’ll probably never wear, the contour kit which is ridiculously expensive but so damn good! No we don’t mean spending on a Lamborghini, but treat yourself to something you would never usually buy. Go on, you’ve got our permission!

Pre wedding photoshoot:

In between all the hustle bustle of the wedding planning madness, don’t forget to schedule a pre-wedding photoshoot! Plan the shoot in any of your favourite places or where you got engaged and you can cherish those happy moments forever. It’ll help you get to know and relax in front of your photographer too!

Brunch with his famjam:

If you haven’t hung out a lot with each other’s extended families, this is a must do. Getting to know relatives, at least on the first-name basis is important for both you and your fiance’! Also, if you tend to forget a lot, have your partner draw you a family tree! What are you waiting for, go plan that fun brunch now!

Break in your wedding shoes:

Practice walking and dancing in your wedding shoes way before the D-day arrives! You don’t want blisters on your wedding day now!

Clear Your Work To-Do List:

Getting married does not mean you ignore your work! So keep in mind to take care of all the big-projects and work assignments way early so that the to-do work list isn’t floating around in your head. Work is the last thing you want to think about as you head into your wedding weekend.

Have the baby talk :

It’s important to have this talk before-hand – to know your baby future. You may want no kids, your fiance’ may want kids, or you both might wanna wait some time to be ready to be parents –  it’s always good to have that talk. So just plan it up to get you both on the same page!

Make your own tradition:


Something like brewing your own beer every 6 months, doing a trek every 3 months, having a date-night every saturday, taking a trip to your favourite destination every year, going to a yoga class every morning. In short, anything that’s very “YOU” as a couple. It really does get the fuzzies out.

 Marry the love of your life:

Everything you were stressing about in the lead-up to your big day will fall aside as soon as the special day arrives. Trust us on that! This is the most important day of you life so enjoy each and every second of it!

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