These 4 Brides' Bachelorette Trips with their bridesmaids will make you yearn for yours!

These 4 Brides' Bachelorette Trips with their bridesmaids will make you yearn for yours!

Last week I wrote about Priyanka Chopra and her fabulous bachelorette with her girlies. Turns out she isn’t the only one to have amazing girlfriends (no no, not mine. Mine still wouldn’t come to Lonavala!) On a lonely Saturday night while I sipped on some wine, scrolled down Instagram and whined some more, I stumbled across gorgeous brides and their oh-so-awesome bachelorette trips! I suggest you keep a tissue box handy as you see pictures of this bride celebrating her last single days (for you’ll be thinking of how you can’t even afford a trip down to the mall :p)!

Bride #1


Lifestyle blogger and bride to be Karishma Yadav recently received a surprise from her bridesmaids. Not a dress or a bag..but a trip to Mykonos! (Can you please rent your bridesmaids to me?)

Jokes apart, this bachelorette trip seems to be full of beachy vibes, customised sweatshirts and loads of fun! See for yourself!


Image source: Instagram


Bride #2


Kajal Mehta planned a trip to Goa with her friends but was in for a big surprise. Her girls planned an entire photoshoot for her!


Much needed spa time with the girls!



Bride #3


Kaabia Grewal AKA the founder of Out House Jewellery had one of the best bachelorette’s I’ve come across. This one was held in Mykonos as well. Being best buds with Shivaan and Narresh helps cause she got customised swimwear for her bride tribe whom she called “The I Do (S)Crew”



Bride #4


The fourth bride is our very own Ambani household’s future torchbearer, Shloka Mehta! Her grand pre wedding functions were not enough to make us jealous so her bachelorette trip’s pictures surfaced to do the deed! :))

Love the customisation and her love for GoT and martini pyjamas, making her one of us!



Uff...If their bachelorette trip is so good can you imagine how amazing will their wedding be? Told yaa, you’ll need those tissues!

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