These new-age Kaleeres are trending big this Wedding Season!

These new-age Kaleeres are trending big this Wedding Season!

Kaleeres have undergone a major makeover and HOW! It doesnt matter if you are a Punjabi or not, most brides these days are now opting for kaleeres to complete their bridal look. It’s safe to say, that a kaleera now constitutes an important element of the solah-shringar of the bride!


If you bored of seeing those same-old kaleere designs, don’t you worry as there are a lot of other options for you to pick from. I found some new-age kaleeres which have taken over social media and they are FAB! I’ve spotted a lot of real brides who swapped the traditional kaleeres for some minimalistic and unique kalire designs and turned heads all the way. Check them out -


1. The pearl-white and gold single tiered kaleeras:


Image Source - Cupcake Productions


2. The pearl-white and gold with a dash of green - single tiered kaleeras:


Image Source - Morvi Images


3. The gold and green - single tiered kaleeras:


Image Source - Design Aqua Studio


4. The green and golden kaleeres with a jhoomar in the middle:


Image Source - Morvi Images


5. Kareena Kapoor’s kaleere from Veere Di Wedding which exactly matched her lehenga:



Yeah yeah, I know she’s not a real bride, but hey, she’s Bebo! *rolls her eyes*


6. The multi-layered kaleere with a rustic touch:


Image Source - Shades Photography


7. Golden kalires with pearl details:


Image Source - Film My Story


8. The 3-tiered golden kalires:


Image Source - the Allied Photography


9. The Multi layered golden kalires:


Image Source - Infinite Memories


10. The multi layered golden kaleeras with pearls encrusted in them:


Image SOurce - Purple Truffle Event Planners


11. The double tiered pearl and gold kaleeras:




12. The golden kaleeras with a lot of pearl strings in them:


Image Source - Gautam Khullar Photography


13. Mogra Kalire:


Image Source - Gautam Khullar Photography


14. White and gold kaleere:


Image Source - Gautam Khullar Photography


15. Kaleeres with sea-shells:


Image - Photoz Apki


16. Kundan Kalire:

Image Source - James Thomas Photography


17. Silver kaleere:



18. Golden kalire with pink pom-poms:


Image - Divisth Kakar Photography


With orange pom-poms:



19. The all-gold kaleere:


Image Source - Gautam Khullar Photography


20. White and gold double-tiered kaleeres:


Image Source - White Frog Productions


Well, with the list of all these ah-mazing kalire designs coming to an end, I hope by know you’ve made up your mind on which one to pick for your wedding!


Image Source - Pinterest unless specified!

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