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Things I want to tell my mother before getting married!

Things I want to tell my mother before getting married!

Needless to say, your mom will be someone who you will probably miss the MOST after you get all settled in your newly wed home! This mother’s day we decided to spend some time in helping you brides thank your mother for all the selfless love & care!


Apart from the obvious ‘I am going to miss you terribly’ and crying buckets & buckets of tears, these are the few things you can tell your mom before getting married, things that you will miss (or not miss :p) the most after your wedding!



Here it goes –


“I wanna tell you this mom:


1. After I shift to my new home, who will?



– wake me up with ‘my morning coffee / tea’?


(No one and I mean this, no one in this whole world can make it the way you make it)



– take the blame for all my stupid mistakes?


(I know I make a lot of them and you slyly tell dad that it was you and not me)


– find the things hidden in plain sight?


(because I can never find it myself, even if it’s right in front of me)


– lend me their kurtis when my laundry isn’t done, and wear it as a dress!


(also because no one beats your fashion choices mumma, PS, I am NOT buttering you).


– ask me to stop eating that ‘unhealthy’ snack?


(I’ll never be able to put that pack of potato chips down and just keep getting plumpy)  



– pack me 3 lunch-boxes to take to office?


(I am really worried about this ma! I will have to get up in the morning & cook things myself, please teach me how to cook soon!)



– give me a hangover cure / drink?


(because my darling husband will be as wasted as me to help me with anything!)


2) After I shift to my new home, yayy I can finally:


– not have to eat that ‘Lauki-palak-tinde ki sabzi’ now!


(CHEERS to a lifetime of no palak, lauki, tinde and tori ki sabzi now!)


– order food whenever I want to:


(I do not have to ask you if you cooked something already. I’ll just order whenever I feel like)


– get up whenever I want to on a sunday


(I’ll get up at 1 p.m and still have breakfast for lunch! There is a reason why people have sunday brunches mom)


– not bother to always keep my room ‘neat and tidy’


(I’ll not be scared to enter the house every night after work and listen to how I left my room untidy)


3) After I shift to my new home, I’ll terribly miss:



– our midnight online chai and shopping sesion


(You know I can never choose one from so many options and I don’t trust anyone’s opinion more than yours!)


– the sunday champi sessions


(My hair is gonna suffer so much mom, I feel like I’m becoming bald already)


– our endless gossip sessions


(…okay, I hope you too miss this too)


– our endless fashion policing sessions


(because we do it the best!)


– our random shopping plans


(We always got the best outfits when our shopping sprees were unplanned)


– cooking your favourite dishes for you


(I love making ‘em for you!)


– having you right by my side on my worst days


(because you make me feel at peace)



– sleeping on your lap


(it’s my favourite place in the world afterall)


– our fights and making up after it


(because in the end I know that you always want the best for me)



4) After I shift to my new home, I promise to:


– still order my favourite lipsticks “FOR YOU’!


(Hehe, Im just shifting to a new home, not a new universe :P)


– have more family vacations


(to makeup for all the missed times)



– come over every opportunity I get:


(to ‘my house’ for my favourite dishes)


5) After I shift to my new home, promise me that:



– you’ll pursue your painting (or any other) sessions more often now that you’ll have so much time by yourself.


(okay now you get to say, ‘yay’)


– you’ll be more tech savvy


(so we can have more video calls to catch up every now and then)


– I’ll always be your favourite child!


(didi and bhai cannot ever ever take my place in your life!)


– You’ll never be sad about me not staying there and understand that it’s just life coming to a full circle and you’ll always be my world!


(Im still your little baby)


– You’ll never give away my room to bhai or convert it into a guest room.


(Mom don’t you dare, pleaasseee!)



What do you wanna tell your mom before getting married? Let me know in the comments below!

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