7 Things To Never Do On A Honeymoon.

7 Things To Never Do On A Honeymoon.

Don't stay in the hotel all day every day, doing… stuff.
As tempting as it may be, don’t. Go out and experience things.


At the same time, not every day has to be planned down to the second.
If you’re feeling like doing something else, or just relaxing, don’t force yourself to stick to the itinerary. Just do what you feel comfortable doing.


If you're taking cute pictures of your rings, don't get careless. Rings are easy things to lose track of when they aren't on a finger!


      Don't forget to sleep. We know it's exciting and you're going have some amazing late nights. But sleep is also important if you want to enjoy your day activities, so be smart about your late nights.


Don’t turn down new and exciting experiences. You’ve planned an amazing honeymoon. But then an unexpected opportunity comes up and you're not sure what to do? Go with the flow. Sometimes you and your partner just need to enjoy the moment and take the adventure.


Don't throw away your plans. It's easy to get caught up in all of the fun and forget everything you planned to do. But try to stay on schedule. A perfect honeymoon is the mix of planning and unexpected adventures.


Don't be afraid to spend some money, whether on experiences or souvenirs. Money comes and goes but this is a time to remember.
Also, avoid discussing topics like finances of the wedding, etc. All that can be done once you get back from paradise.





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