This Bridesmaid Wore a T-Rex Costume her Sister’s Wedding

This Bridesmaid Wore a T-Rex Costume her Sister’s Wedding

No, this is not an inspirational blog. 

No, this blog has no outfits you can wear (or probably you can :-P)

No, we are not responsible for you wearing this to your sister’s marriage.


If I say ‘bridesmaid outfits’, the first thing ready to pop up in your mind would be something which complements the bride’s outfit, or matches with the outfit of all the bridesmaids, or probably an ensemble which is fuss-free and super-comfortable. But, can you fathom a bridesmaid wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume to her sister’s wedding?


Yes, ladies, you read that RIGHT!

This bride’s sister left everyone dumbfounded when she came wearing a T-Rex costume to the wedding. I am (gasps for breath) completely stunned and appalled at this!


Disclaimer: This blog neither criticizes nor encourages this act of bravery. However, if you end up doing something similar or even more crazy and surprising, I will write it!


The bride, Deanna Adams, and her fiance, Joby had asked her sister, Christina Meador, to be their maid of honour a year prior to the wedding. All the bridesmaids were asked to wear something super comfortable, and for Christina that turned out to be a large Dinosaur costume.


Image source: Caters News 


Image source: Caters News


Not a huge fan of spending a whole lot of money on buying a new outfit for any occasion, Christina wanted to wear something she was sure to use again. Surprisingly, her sister was perfectly fine with it! To be on the safer side, Christina carried an extra outfit to the wedding, just in case her sister changed her mind.


Image source: Tolga Akmen


The wedding took place at Ohama, Nebraska. As soon as the guests spotted Christina in that T-Rex costume. This idea did add a quirk quotient to the otherwise traditional wedding affair.


To-be-bridesmaids, where are your costumes, gals?

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