This Christian Wedding had Understated yet Ethereal Decor

This Christian Wedding had Understated yet Ethereal Decor

Over the past few years, the decor at Indian weddings has come a loooong way. Gone are the days when wedding venues reeked of genda phool aroma from miles away and bright lights snatched away the beauty of almost all the decor elements. Decor has diversified rapidly and millennials are opting for more theme-based decor ideas, that are personalised and not too gaudy, even while still opulent and extravagant.


However, when it comes to Christian weddings, most people have a notion that there is not much that can be done with the decor, it is all about whites, and having no shaadi mandap automatically makes it less grandeur.


All these myths were busted with the recent Christain wedding I came across lately. With Love, Nilma has done a fabulous job to ensure that the decor is minimal, elegant, yet not drab or boring. The colour palette (majorly blue and white), the tiny elements, and the authenticity, everything floored me instantly!


I won’t keep you waiting, here you go:


The entrance to the venue was ethereal- a simplistic white and blue signage and jute baskets filled with gorgeous flowers, welcomed the guests.



Not to miss the shimmery white drapes and foliage!



The wedding altar was understated- a white backdrop with green ferns and foliage.

Not to miss the cane baskets with flowers!



The wooden cake table was gorgeous and gave us major #VintageVibes!





One element that caught my eyes was the shibori fabric tied on up-cycled chairs and the blooms attached to the fabric,

adding oomph to the decor!




Simple details like terracotta pots make up for beautiful decor elements.



How about this cutesy guestbook for recording messages by your guests!



This quirky photobooth floored me completely! The neon hashtag, the Moroccan lamps, vintage trunks, terracotta pots, and contemporary prints.



Stay tuned for loads more decor inspiration!


Images source: Sharan Ranjit

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