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This dancer proposed to her boyfriend first & he responded with an equally amazing UNDERWATER proposal!

This dancer proposed to her boyfriend first & he responded with an equally amazing UNDERWATER proposal!

Bending the knee and popping the question to their lady-love is a man’s job always, says who? Does it make a difference? Does it make a marriage more or less romantic?

I for one, adore confident women who are not afraid to go after what they want or desire! Meet Svetana Kanwar, a very famous Jazz dancer from Mumbai, who broke all the norms and proposed to her pilot boyfriend, Dhruwin! *Go Svetana*

Although, it was no cake walk as she imagined it to be. She was a nervous wreck about the idea even after being with her boyfriend for a really long time. Reason being? The very idea of a public proposal scared her. There was a lot at stake – it could all go wrong, she could seriously mess things up and worst of all it could be embarrassing.

But she got through all of it, thanks to her Girl Squad, because instead of going, ‘but why are you the one proposing’ they said ‘Oh my God, you’re proposing!’.

In fact, it was her mom who helped her pick the ring and Svetana’s sister and friends helped her with the planning. Check out the video and the adorable caption that goes with it –



When HE SAID YES !!!! to Dear Pilot, Will You Marry Her➡️ 😉💁‍♀️ . Was I nervous before proposing, HELL YES(my friends were like now you know how boys feel😂. Oh god yes i do😅). I mean I knew he would say Yes, he tells me everyday I am the woman he wants to marry and spend his life with . But I was still so nervous, About his reaction. What if he’s embarrassed, what if he’s awkward, what if it’s not the right time. What if the plan fails 🙈 . But the moment I went on my knees,my eyes filled up, lips quivering I saw his Face and I knew it was Perfect. That smile, the happiness in his eyes, that never faded the entire night. I could do this everyday for that look. . He said, love but I should be doing this. BUT WHY i said, I am the Filmy, Over Emotional, Dramatic, Loud, Public person who believes in proposals. He’s the private, calm, practical one who doesn’t even think of these things, in his head we were already married! The one who believes in it, does it. Simple. Doesn’t matter if it’s the man or the woman ! We don’t believe in any “stereotype “,any “oh it’s the man’s thing” . . I am so lucky to have people around me who not once said ‘but why are you proposing’ Instead said ‘Oh My God You’re Proposing ‘. Starting with my mom who helped me pick the ring. My life, my Ladies @radhikamayadev_ @bingefactory @roshini.ak @vedikaagarwal @arya_dance who hatched the plan with me, and were with me throughout. Sometimes even more excited than I was😂 . My sister, @ahungrymermaid ,who literally treated this like HER proposal ,always involved ❤ and ofcourse our friends @capt.aspect @zaosh @mohnish737 @purvi.b who made sure they were there for us ,helping us execute the plan smoothly . @dhruwinkhandhar now you know while you fill my days with Love , I’ll fill yours with Drama😉. Welcome to your Dramatic Life 😏 . . #hesaidyes #proposal #unconventional #breakingstereotypes #love #family #mine #forever #svetanakanwar #proposalxweddingsutra #filmy

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And just like Svetana made it memorable for Dhruwin, he wanted his proposal to be a memorable one for her as well. What followed next was an underwater proposal in Athiri Beach in the Maldives where Dhruwin went down on his knee.

Have a look:



‘Beautiful Dancer, Will You Marry Me?’ @dhruwinkhandhar asked me under the Sea as he actually went down on one knee❤ . He had to give me the ring he got made for me, and I knew he would give it to me here in Madives, I thought ok am sure he’ll give it to me during our Candle Light dinner😛 but I could never ever imagine he would do it this way. It was the most Perfect and Beautiful thing ever ,this is one Dive I will NEVER forget❤ . . You made me feel special when you proposed to me he said, I wanted to make you feel special too. Just like you made it memorable for me, I wanted this to be a memory you could cherish forever he said smiling at me once we were back up . Our Resort owner of @athiribeach actually Laminated the sign for him ,and personally came on the dive to help him by carrying the ring, the sign and to take pictures, it was so sweet of him. Our dive master Shyaam was equally excited and helped with the entire plan. . The 👌 sign I am constantly doing is actually a divers sign of saying “OK” 😊 . ThankYou Mr Pilot for this Beautiful gift (no I am not talking about the ring my Gujju though that is gorgeous too😋) , I guess you’re now an active participant in Our Dramatic Life 😛❤ . P.s. ENGAGED AGAIN in #maldives 🤣🤣 . Shot on #Goprohero6 @goproin Yes Yes we need the Red Filter, it didn’t reach us on time🤦‍♀️ #gopro #goproindia . . . . . . #hesaidyes #shesaidyes #isaidyes #ialsosaidyes #underwaterproposal #svetanakanwar #love #unconventional #proposalxweddingsutra #mine #forever #proposal

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Here’s wishing this much-in-love couple a lifetime of togetherness ahead!

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