This Eid, Try these 10 Gorgeous Arabic Mehendi Designs!

This Eid, Try these 10 Gorgeous Arabic Mehendi Designs!


We are only a few days away from Eid al-Fitr, and with the festivities right around the corner, I thought it’s best to get the ball rolling, and bring you all some inspirational ideas! Mehendi has always been an integral part of Eid celebrations. Amongst a wide array of design options to pick and choose from, the one which is a consistent rage, especially during festivals like Eid, are the eloquent Arabic designs.


With Indian and Pakistani women swearing by Arabic mehndi designs, their popularity seems to have doubled over the years. These designs are not only eye-catching, but they also add a mysterious enigma and charm with their simple patterns. Arabic mehendi can usually be distinguished by bolder designs, leaf motifs, paisleys, the exquisite florals, checkered patterns, and an uncramped structure; giving it an ultra-mod and classy look!


Here’s me listing a host of some breathtaking yet straightforward, and majorly easy Arabic designs which you could bookmark, and use this festive season:


1. A beauteous combination of symmetric checks, and intricate designs upto the wrists- contemporary and edgy!


Image source: Minal Beauty


2. This Arabic mehendi design is made out of swirls on the fingertips, followed by small drop-like designs and simple checks and paisleys.

Image source: Amrita Henna


3. Bold, edgy, and futuristic- this unique Arabic mehendi design is perfect for those looking out for something less traditional.



4. Teeny-weeny swirls on the fingers, followed by box-like designs filled with tiny symmetrical checks, and small dots leading up to the circular floral patterns.



5. Intricate designs on the fingers, and a simple, large mandala design at the centre- for the ultra-mod gals!



6. Slightly more intricate, this design has a whole lot of swirls, paisleys, and lines.


Image source: Amrita Henna


7. This relatively bolder and thicker mehendi design has an attractive mandala, an oversized swirl and intricate details on the fingers.



8. I am totally floored by the uniqueness of this Arabic design- delightful floral patterns, delicate swirls and leaf motifs and checkered patterns around the fingertips.


Image source: Henna By Divya


9. How attractive is this Arabic design revolving mainly around rosettes! Not to forget the large intentional spaces left blank within the design.


Image source: Zareena’s Henna


10. Various intricate designs on each finger coupled with beautiful 3D-looking flower petals, paisleys, and a unique design made of circles, and symmetrical lines towards the wrist.


Image source: Henna By Divya


Hopefully, you have got a fair idea of the beautiful designs you can this Eid season!


Images source: Pinterest (unless specified)

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