This Valentine’s Day let’s Celebrate Love in all Forms!

This Valentine’s Day let’s Celebrate Love in all Forms!

Whether you are someone who jumps at the chance to surprise someone with or mocks at this Hallmark induced holiday – nobody can deny that celebrating love is something very special and sweet!

Why should 14th February be limited to only couples in love? We are sure everyone has their close bunch whom they love dearly. While these connections might not be romantic, there is no denying that these relationships are equally important!

So this Valentine’s Day, we decided to expand our definition of love to include all of those special people in our lives! Scroll on to see some of the most lovable & emotional relationship moments we picked up from our weddings –


1. With the daddy dearest:

Remember the time when you crashed your dad’s car and he got over it, or when you used his credit card secretly and he let go or when he taught you how to ride a bike and he was more scared than you? Rings a bell?

We are sure you can recall a million more moments like these. This valentine’s celebrate this special bond with your daddy-dearest!




Image Source – Shades Photography



Image Source – Dream Diaries


Image Source – Shutter Down Photography



Image Source – Bhumi and Simran Photography


This bride wrote a heartfelt letter for her dad on her D-day and we can’t get over how cute it is!



2. With Mommy-cool:

Words fall short to express the unconditional love that exists between the maa-beti. One of the strongest and most complex bonds in the world which can only be understood by a mother-daughter duo.

It’s remarkable how this relationship evolves over time to only become unbreakable. This valentine’s celebrate that special bond with your mommy-the-best.


Image Source – Dream Diaries


Image Source – Prerna Khullar Photography

Image Source – Bliss Productions


Image Source – Stories by Joseph Radhik


3. With your sibling:

Your sibling is by far your most beloved friend, bitterest rival, true confidant and also your betrayer! 😀

He or she is an inseparable part of your life. How about celebrating this 14th February with your bitter half?


Image Source – Photo Diary




Image Source – Divesh Kakkar Photography

Image Source – Kashif Qadri Photography


Image Source  – Nitin Arora Photography



Image Source – The Wedding Salad


4. With your lovelies:

Your best friends or your extended family (one might say) have been there for you through all your breakups, patch-ups and all the hardships life threw at you.

We say it’s about time you dedicated this ‘Day Of Love’ to them!



Image Source – Photo Diary


Image Source – PK Suri World


Image Source – Sunny Dhiman Photography



Image Source – Morvi Images



Image Source – Studio Kelly Photography


5. With your furry BFF:

We’re sure you cannot imagine your life without your pet who totally deserves to be spoilt with love too! How about you ask them to be your Valentine this year?


Image Source – Nitin Arora Photography


Image Source – Ombre By Harsheen Jammu


Image Source – Cupcake Productions


Image Source – Wedding Nama


Image Source – Pixel Story


So, this Valentine’s forget about the heart balloons, the overstocked shelves of expensive roses that are just going to die soon or the Belgian chocolate you might spent an entire paycheck on!

Get back to the roots of this ‘Day of Love’, make a real gesture – cook a meal, spend some quality time with your loved ones or spoil them to the fullest. This Valentine’s celebrate love in all forms!

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