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Thoughts that every bride has before getting married! #itsnormal

Thoughts that every bride has before getting married! #itsnormal


If you are about to get married and your mind just can’t stop bugging you with weird thoughts, then you need to calm yourself down, cause girl, believe me #Itsnormal!


Every bride before getting married, gets a dip in the flood of ‘out of the world’ thoughts, but you are not the only one going paranoid over it. Most brides all across the world have experienced this whirlpool of thoughts and questions. Don’t believe me, scroll through the entire journey of thoughts that every bride has from the day of its big announcement to the wedding day –



1. An year before the wedding-


‘Is it true? Am i really getting married? Oh my God! I cannot believe it! Yayy!’



Everything looks like a dream, everything is a fairytale. That’s right girl. Its totally normal if you want to scream loudly on the top of your voice.



2. Nine Months before the wedding!


‘Its cool! Its okay! I have a bundle of planning to do but I got it covered!’

Yes, at this moment your confidence level is still intact and no wonder you are enjoying all the attention that you are getting over it.




3. Six months before the wedding!


The first wedding hiccup hits you slightly! ‘Oh God, I have to buy all the outfits according to my dream wedding! Where do I go? Which is the best? HELP! Okay, deep breaths everyone!’



Of course, this is bound to happen and the paranoia metre hits another level if anything gets delayed! So it’s ok to go a little crazy with all the wedding planning, because let’s face it, it is that one day which will probably change your life forever!




3. Three months before the wedding!


This is a period where you experience a mixture of emotions. No Matter what you do, you are sad, happy, excited and terrified at the same time!


a. ‘I am definitely going to look amazing in this lehenga. I mean look how pretty!’



b. ‘WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? This is beyond insanity. Why is nothing going my way? My wedding, guys. Remember?’



c. ‘I need to chill! Give me a drink!’




4. One month before the wedding


When you can’t do anything about things going astray, then you have to accept it with some jugaad!



a. ‘Phew, its okay if the dress is a little ill-fit. I’ll fix it with safety pins. I’ll look gorgeous. It’s gonna be great. RELAX! I am gonna make it work! Afterall, everything looks great with a beautiful smile!’


b. ‘Should I walk down like a pretty shy bride, or should I have a whole baraat of my own? What song though? Umm..bridesmaids, some help please?’



c. One thing is for sure, that you just can’t stop thinking about your first night and how special it would be, right ladies?




5. 1 week before the wedding


Now comes the time for realization.


‘Oh my God! I have to move out! Whaaaaat? What if my in-laws are crazy? What will I do? I’ll really miss my bed, my room. NOoooo!’




6. Four days before the wedding!


And here it comes! All the thoughts pouring right through! An extravaganza of mixed emotions!


a. ‘Its dress up time girlies! Bring out my precious one! It’s time to look pretty! Yeeeeppp!’



b. Weird thoughts are definitely gonna come pouring in your mind! And no matter how weird they sound, they are all genuine concerns!

‘How will i carry the weight of such a heavy lehenga and jewellery? What if I fell down while walking down the aisle? How will I pee in it? It’s so huge! My god these heels! Can I wear my sneakers please?

I hope the Dj plays my favourite song! How do I call my husband once we’re married?’



I know its too much, but you gotta chill, cause its totally and absolutely normal!



7. 1 day before the wedding


Excitement, thrill, nervousness and ofcourse PANIC ATTACK!



a. ‘I hope I don’t look like a witch in a heavy make-up! Please God, make me look gorgeous!



b. What if I wear such a heavy lehenga and my armpits are sweaty? No, no, no! Can’t let that happen!’



c. ‘Do I have a weird smile? How should I pose?



I’ll ask the photographer to click pictures from the angle where I look good! Its my day afterall’




8. Right before the D-day!


‘The day has finally arrived! I can’t believe its happening!’



‘I look so pretty, should I send him a selfie? Would that be counted as bad luck? Let it be, I’ll wait till he gets to see me!’



‘I want to eat, eat and eat before putting a brick of makeup all over me! I’m exhausted already!’



Ladies, its absolutely normal to have a huge bundle of questions and emotions when you are getting married! Its new, its exciting, its terrifying but its beautiful! So put all your tensions aside and enjoy the feeling cause its simply amazing!

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