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Tips and Tricks of Wedding Filmmaking- We Asked the Expert!

Tips and Tricks of Wedding Filmmaking- We Asked the Expert!

“If a picture can speak a thousand words, imagine what a video can do…”


The wedding filmmaking industry has seen a major shift in the past few years. However, the switch in demand from plain and simple wedding videography to cinematic wedding filmmaking was gradual, as the demand for more personalised documentation grew. There was a greater focus on getting the best wedding photos, and the wedding film was always an afterthought. However, in recent years, there has been a change in the demand for well made and enigmatic wedding films, especially with the burgeoning popularity of pre-wedding films.


To put an end to all the curiosity, and to bust the myths around filmmaking, we asked our experts- Noopur and Anish from Happy Flashbacks. Read on to know all about wedding films, especially if you are planning to have one for your big day:


Q. According to you, how has filmmaking revolutionalized over the past few years?


Wedding filmmaking has seen a drastic change in the past decade. It has gone from wedding videography, which implied just simple documentation of various ceremonies, to a full blown art form that seeks to make memories for people that are both practical but also aesthetically pleasing. And this was only after people that specialized in filmmaking started entering this sphere. Resources to make films have also become more easily accessible and readily available, as well as cost effective. And so, wedding films are now on a completely new level, with the scale of production going up and the end product becoming more and more cinematic.


Q. What is your approach to wedding filmmaking?


“We believe in storytelling. Our main goal is to document stories in a way that is thrilling and fun, making the couple the protagonists of the film. We capture moments as they happen- spontaneous and unvarnished.


Our main focus is always on the couple and their story. We focus more on honest storytelling and making a film that follows a narrative, and flows like a proper film, with elements of drama, comedy, romance, everything. So the building of a plot and a narrative is usually our focus when it comes to creating films. We try to bring out the real essence of the celebration, and capture every smile, every tear and every glance that means something. And we focus heavily on our music. After all, it is the melody that makes a memory. And we ensure that our music expresses the emotion of the visual perfectly.




Q. What are the stages of wedding filmmaking?


“The pre-production part of shoots varies from couple to couple. Some people approach us only a couple months in advance, others a whole year before their nuptials. And so pre-production usually depends on when a client approaches us and what they require from us. Everything is finalized once we explain our approach to the client and we get an understanding of what they want from the shoot.


During the shoot, we try to be as non-invasive as possible as we don’t want shots and reactions that feel manufactured. We try to become friends with the couple and their families so they become comfortable in front of a camera. We get couples and their families to engage with each other and the location naturally.


Post-production consists of reviewing the footage and editing it all together to make a cohesive and cinematic wedding film, with emphasis to strong and honest storytelling with beautiful music to go with it.”



Q. What are the questions frequently asked by couples?


“Cost is usually the biggest concern. Another question is of the delivery timeline. We try to be as accommodating as possible and still maintain quality, but it takes us about 5-6 months to deliver memories of a lifetime. We don’t compromise on the quality for speed and pay attention to each and every film.


We also get inquiries about photography services and whether we offer them. We are primarily filmmakers, and understand that the two areas require very different skill sets. But we do work with some talented photographers if the client requires it.”


Q. What is your advice to the couples looking for wedding filmmakers?


“Do your research extremely well. Understand the different approaches each filmmaker has. Be clear with your vision. Hire filmmakers who you feel connected to, as they are the ones who will tell your story.”



Q. What is your advice for upcoming wedding filmmakers? 


“A filmmaker should know and understand every aspect of filmmaking, not just specialize in one and ignore the rest. You should be able to shoot and edit the film. Working with companies whose work you admire and relate to allows you to grasp a better understanding of the fundamentals of filmmaking. Maintain originality and create films in the way you want to. Remember to be inspired, but don’t imitate. Another important aspect is careful planning, be meticulous in your plans so as to not waste time on the day of the shoot.”



What sets Happy Flashbacks apart from others?


We capture moments as they happen – spontaneous and unvarnished. We capture details often overlooked; personal moments, the little oddities, and a relationship unscripted. 


We at HFB believe in the little moments. After all, no moment is too small to tell an honest story and evoke a raw, unfiltered reaction.



What sets HFB apart from others is our commitment to honest storytelling. We believe that every little moment is important, and take no bit for granted. We make the process of filmmaking extremely fun and intimate in order to get the most natural shots and the most candid moments out of our couples. We try and make the couple and their families as comfortable as possible by sharing a little about ourselves and forming a genuine connection. We focus on the small details, and all the oddities of a couple. We act as spectators, and not directors, which allows us to capture real emotions, not fabricated ones. And it is using those moments that we weave an entire film, something that is extremely personal and representative of the couple but also something other people can enjoy watching too. We focus on colours and music to make it a dynamic film where every part of it contributes to the experience of watching it. Our cinematic approach, and focus on real, honest storytelling is what sets us apart from the crowd.

I hope this helped you understand the world of wedding filmmaking a little better, and you gained insights that you can use when selecting your own wedding filmmaker!

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