Top 10 Wedding Invitation Ideas To Woo Your Guests

Top 10 Wedding Invitation Ideas To Woo Your Guests

Sweet and sentimental invitations have been the standard for all weddings since time immemorial. But why not add a personal touch or get creative with your invites? It is your day after all.


When you think of your wedding card, what is the one thing that comes to your mind? Now, you’ve got to hold that picture close to your heart and keep improvising with your spouse of course (After a little bickering here and there from the family, but still). While you continue browsing for ideas, let us give you some fodder for your inspiration.


Let’s Dive Into The Nimantran Ideas!


1) Get Doodling

Source: WoodleDoodleDesigns

We all loved doodling on our notebooks back in the day. Let your imagination run and create personalised cards like this one for your wedding. 


2) Add a Touch Of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory To Your Invite


Source: Oui-Oui

Use a box of chocolates as your invite. Who doesn’t like free chocolate? The card will be considered as the sweetest gesture to your guests (literally) and this will build up the excitement and anticipation to your big event. 


3) Save The Date On Cookies

Source: Boff&Jolly

If you have a sweet tooth, why not share it with your guests? Many bakeries have started personalizing cookies. These make for perfect invites, are adorable and not to mention edible. (Don’t forget to send out an e-invite before they bite).


4) Go Green With Eco-Friendly Invites

Source: IdealWeddingIdeas

Using eco-friendly cards are a great way to give back to the environment. Caring for the environment portrays sensitivity to nature and the couple’s consciousness as a whole.



5) Classy Acrylic And More

Source: Shop Soler

These uber stylish invites scream luxury. If flair is your thing, go wild with these beautiful and classy acrylic invites.



6) Personalized Save The Dates With Pre-wedding Pictures

Source: Pixelvisualmakerz

You may have definitely invested both time and money into a pre-wedding shoot. Use those pictures for your invites. Merge the creative flow from your pre-wedding shoot into these invites. 


7) Vintage All The Way

Source: IndianCottonPaperCo

Stationery freaks will love this card. Play with recycled paper, use calligraphy or customize your envelopes. Such invites are not only gorgeous but add a touch of elegance to your wedding affair.


8) Pets On Cards

Source: Dotellstationeryanddesign

If your partner and you are pet owners, why leave them out of the invite? These stamps are cute additions to your stationery. Share your love for animals with your guests. 


9) Ticket Destination Invites

Source: Etsy

These invites are catching up with many bridal couples. With destination weddings being trendy and hip, a card which looks like a ticket will build up the excitement towards the journey and overall wedding experience.



10) Wooden Invites That Last A Lifetime

Source: Camdeco

These invites will last a long time. This is a great way to show your guests that you truly love your spouse and want that love to last forever. Your guests could also use the invite as coasters later! 


Your invite makes way for the first impression, spend quality time knitting it together! 

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