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Top 20 Wedding Photography Couple Portraits

Top 20 Wedding Photography Couple Portraits

The world of wedding photography is an enchanting one. So be it the best of candid wedding photography or wedding portraits, there is much to appreciate and celebrate. We all love and swoon over those perfect timeless frames that are and will always be reminiscent of the beautiful memories made in the process. Be it a bridal or groom portrait, the one with the entire fam-jam or the favourite of them all- wedding couple portrait, the beauty encapsulated in each of these simply seems unending! 

Whether you’re a to-be bride or groom eager to be posing for wedding photos or a photographer who is looking for much inspiration to hone his/her craft and contribute to meaningful journeys of families and couples, you’ve hit the perfect spot with this blog. We’ve put together a list of 20 candid photographer wedding portraits for couples that we’ve seen in recent times and have left us completely stoked! Without further ado, let’s dive straight in and unfold the magic each of these well-composed, cleverly-shot and warmly-expressed images have to offer. Take a look below:

1. Posing for Wedding Photos Has Never Seemed So Magical As This Frame! 

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source The Unicorn Studios

A classic wedding shoot done right with a touch of traditions and cultural heritage that turned out to be a thorough treat to the eyes!

2. This Portrait Wedding Frame Encapsulates with it’s Soothing and Subtle Beauty!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Shayanatherphotography

The beauty of marriage photography lies in capturing those perfect moments and this stunning frame does just that. 

3. This Stunning and Regal Portrait is Pure Marriage Photography Goals!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Ramit Batra Photography

If you need inspiration to frame that one timeless photo from your wedding shoot, this one gives you all the right vibes.

4. Blending the Best of Candid Wedding Photography with Portrait Wedding Photos, this Frame is Pure Love!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Knottingbells

There is no better way to be locked down than with the one you love. Even better when your wedding shoot captures the essence!

5. Who can Not be Mesmerized with this Wedding Shoot that Brims with Opulence and Grandeur?!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Knottingbells

Posing for wedding photos can seem absolutely worthwhile if the result is as breathtaking as this. Don’t you think so?

6. This Portrait Wedding Frame Literally has us Swooning!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Studio Beunique

Sealing the deal with a kiss and how! We’re totally smitten by the chemistry and charm this couple exudes in this image.

7. Your Hunt for the Perfect Indian Wedding Portrait Photography Poses Ends Right Here!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Aash Studio

Capturing the perfect wedding shoot under this neon-lit mandap is all the inspiration you need this wedding season! 

8. Happy Couples Create the Best Memories and Perfect Wedding Portraits!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Studio Kelly Photography

If you’re looking for ideas for a wedding portrait Indian-style, that is not too loud and flashy, this gorgeous frame is the real thing! 

9. No Marriage Photography can be Complete without a Magical Monochrome Portrait Like This!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Lumiere Wedding Company

Well there are wedding portraits and then there is this! Every element of this frame stands out and this one clearly earns a special spot in our hearts for sure.

10. Beauty Lies in the Heart of Simplicity and this Wedding Portrait Captures Just that!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Weddingnama

This adorable couple simply spells magic and sublimity with this portrait of theirs.

11. All That Glitters is Monochrome Marriage Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Gaatha

There is an inexplicable charm and beauty about this couple’s wedding photoshoot and we’re thoroughly impressed by the candid photographer skills here!

12. This Couple’s Wedding Photo Shoot Looks Nothing Less than a Painting!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source You by Poonam Kotecha

With the just perfect background and some stunning colours at play here, this wedding portrait has a big thumbs up from us!

13. Making the Most of Breathtaking Backwaters for their Wondrous Wedding Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Wedding Bells Photography

This picture is pure goals! From the expressions to the colour scheme, everything about this marriage portrait is spot-on!

14. The One with the Fam-Jam, This is the Mandatory Marriage Portrait Done Right!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Love Shoot Repeat

This one totally captures the beauty that Great Indian Marriages are! With the entire parivaar cheering, this portrait is worth a million moments and memories.

15. We Simply Can’t Take Our Eyes Off this Beautifully Composed Marriage Portrait! 

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Weddingkrafter

This one is pure beauty! We love the subtlety, splendour and spark this frame captures.

16. This Marriage Couple Photo Style is Perfect for Those who Love the Idea of OTT Weddings and Memories!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source CoolBluez Photography

We simply love the exuberance of this frame! Be it the unique background or rich colours, this one certainly works wonders.

17. We Can’t Help but Marvel at the Sheer Genius of This Wedding Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source RedVeds

When you’ve got each other’s back and your gem of a candid photographer is able to capture even that!

18. No Marriage Album is Complete Without a Perfect Family Portrait Like This 🙂

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Black Pepper Wedding Photography

The one portrait that has a special place in the heart of a bride apart from the lover’s is the classic one with the family!

19. Nothing Beats the Spell and Enigma of This Couple’s Romantic Wedding Portrait!

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Clique Photography

An ace wedding candid photographer can savour the best of memories and freeze time by capturing an image like this!

20. A Riot of Colours and Joy Perfectly Captured! 

Portrait Wedding Photography

Image Source Shutterspeed India

This gorgeous wedding portrait truly captures the essence and zest of a vibrant Indian marriage. We’re thoroughly in awe of this frame.

Leaving you on this delightful note here’s hoping you found plenty of inspiration in these stunning wedding portraits?! Remember to bookmark this list, lest you wish to revisit and relish these images again 🙂

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