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Tricks and Tips on flaunting your engagement ring! #WZGyaan

Tricks and Tips on flaunting your engagement ring! #WZGyaan

All you not so single ladies, why not flaunt it now that he is put a ring on it? If you don’t like to brag (or even if you do) about that sparkly rock on your finger, there are always other ways to let them know! We gathered a few ways in which you can tell the world and yet keep mum!


1.Carry a travel coffee mug with you and sip on it all the time. Alternatively you can sip on water or maybe even some whiskey in a flask!

Image source: Morvii Images


2. Scratch your face occasionally or flick your hair when your talking to others.



3. If you are a right-handed person, start eating from your left hand. This way you’ll create a mess and attract attention towards you. Voila! Everyone at the restaurant now knows that you’re engaged.


4. Go to the salon for a manicure. It’ll give you an excuse to remove your ring and narrate your love saga whilst getting your hands polished. Genius, no?



5.  Cross your arms around your chest (make sure your your left hand is not tucked in.) This way people think you’re serious and they also get to glance at your diamond (samjhdaar ko ishaara hi kaafi hai!)


6. Take a mirror selfie and hold your phone in your left hand. Post it on Instagram. Done!


7. Update your relationship status on Facebook along with a cheesy picture and caption. Congratulations, now the world knows!

Image source: Israni Photography


8. Upload a Snapchat story with your BFF!


9. Walking your dog is so old school. Hold them in your arms and take them out


10. When taking pictures with your significant other, make sure the ring is ALWAYS visible.


If none of our paitraas work and people still fail to notice, just tell your society ki aunties. The word will spread faster than wildfire!

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