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8 Types of Necklaces Brides can Wear with their Bridal Ensemble

8 Types of Necklaces Brides can Wear with their Bridal Ensemble

When it comes to bridal jewellery, sky is not even the limit, just the beginning! An Indian bridal look is a blissful celebration of shringaar. So much so that there are umpteen varieties of a single type of jewellery and numerous kinds of jewels for a single part. Bridal necklaces in this regard are no exceptions. This is that one piece of jewellery that ‘really matters’. Seemingly noticeable, they also have the power to elevate your entire look!

This wedding season, get innovative, creative and bring to life the look you’ve always envisioned. We’ve listed below eight types of bridal necklaces that you can get yourself acquainted with. Irrespective of their cultural origins, these stunning necklaces have been embraced by brides all across on account of their appeal and appearance. It’s time you add some of these types to your bridal trousseau too.  

1. Satlada

Image Source Ambar Jewels

 Satlada or seven layers as the name suggests is a seven layered necklace typically made of pearls strings and adorned with either uncut gems, stones, kundan or even diamonds. You can opt for this type of neck piece if you wish to elevate your entire look without feeling crushed under the weight of your jewellery! 

2. Navratan

Image Source Sabyasachi Jewelry

Navratan is a necklace consisting of nine different types of precious and semi-precious stones. They are typically worn as a statement necklace to pair with your designer saree or lehenga. If you’re looking to cut through the monotony of your look and spunk it up with a twist of contrast, navratan necklaces make an ideal choice!

3. Choker

Image Source Sabyasachi Jewelry

A close-fitting necklace, chokers have successfully found their way in bridal trousseau’s owing to their unique variety and the overall charm they bring along. You can pair a choker with a long necklace or simply opt to flaunt this with pride and poise.

4. Raani Haar

Image Source Frugal2fab

Opulent and regal, raani haars are true to their name. They are typically long necklaces attached with small layers to give a jazzed-up or dramatic tone to your appearance. You can pair your raani haar with an elegant choker to thoroughly nail your bridal look.

5. Gulbandh

Image Source Pinterest

Resting just near the collarbone, gulbandhs or gulubands are ornate necklaces that are available in innumerable varieties and designs. From polki to precious stones, gold-plated to kundan, these jewels work perfectly well with your traditional outfit.

6. Bib Necklace

Image Source Sabyasachi Jewelry

Bib necklaces resemble a baby’s bib and come in varying sizes. They are mostly dramatic pieces designed by using oversized stones, pearls, gems or jewels. If you are keen on wearing just one statement piece of jewellery with your outfit, a bib necklace is your best bet for the volume and elegance it brings.

7. Guttapusalu

Image Source Tarinika

Guttapusalu is a long  raani-haar style necklace that generally features bunches of small pearls at the fringes. They are traditionally worn by brides in the southern part of the country. However, owing to its rich variety, brides across different cultures have embraced this as part of their trousseau.  

8. Aadh Necklace

Image Source Pinterest

Famous as a Rajasthani statement necklace, aadh’s are square-shaped heavily ornamented neckpieces that are meant to cover the entire neckline area. Starting from a square design and ending in triangular strings, adhd necklaces bring exuberance and royalty to the entire look.

So ladies, we hope you’ve picked your favourite type from the ones listed in here? Do let us know the one.

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