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Visit these 5 Romantic Honeymoon Spots before they Disappear

Visit these 5 Romantic Honeymoon Spots before they Disappear

Almost every to-be bride and groom have a bucket list of places they would want to visit with their spouse for their honeymoon. Some opt places with golden sandy beaches and crystal clear seas, some choose the tranquillity of the mountains, and some couples select a place based on the sight-seeing and historical and cultural richness it possesses.


On account of the current alarming rapid climatic changes taking place in various parts across the world, there are various picturesque locations which might be on the brink of being lost forever. Now, although I cannot perfectly predict what the future beholds, I suggest its best that you and your partner choose one or more of these spots for your honeymoon.


So, if you do not want to miss out on visiting these spots which may or may not exist and if you do not want to be someone who has lost the chance of clicking some Insta-worthy images at these places, it’s best you add them to your honeymoon list ASAP!


Here you go:




Image source: Marconadone


Picturesque white sandy beaches, an underwater world and a luxury-filled experienced make the Maldives a tropical paradise and must-visit spot for your honeymoon. However, according to reports, this island is less than one metre above sea level and the rising sea levels could cause it to submerge gradually into the Indian Ocean.


2. Kasbeh Telouet, Morocco


Image source: Salischa


A well-known tourist destination, Kasbeh Telouet is now witnessing many of its sites collapsing on account of the erosion in the Atlas mountains. So, before all is lost, I suggest you and your partner could take a quick trip to Morocco and make the most of this historical delight!


3. Dead Sea, Jordan



The Dead Sea is drying out! Yes, you heard that right!

For the greatest period, this sea has mystified tourists. It is the Earth’s lowest point on dry land and it is almost always sunny here.

However, on account of climatic changes, this tourist spot is drying out at an alarming rate of 3.3 feet per year. Better visit this place soon, folks!


4. Great Barrier Reef


Image source: Johnny Gaskell


Off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia, this reef is the largest living thing on the planet and the most exciting part is that it can be seen even from outer space. The reef is made up of approximately 600 types of corals and is home to innumerable species of marine life. The bad news is that climatic changes are causing mass coral bleaching. This spot is truly too beautiful to miss!


5. Venice, Italy


Image source: Olivia Bernardo


An entire city built on lagoons- isn’t it fascinating?

Imagine a city so beautiful sans any roads, connected with canals and home to Renaissance and Gothic palaces. 

According to the reports, this city is suffering environmental issues, the land is boggy and there is a chance that these historical buildings may subside into the lagoons.


So, as you all know there is no time to wait. Get planning and get packing!

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