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Wedding Invitation Wording Guideline you must check out before finalising your Wedding Invitation Card.

Wedding Invitation Wording Guideline you must check out before finalising your Wedding Invitation Card.


Wedding invitation wording is a tricky thing to decide. And that’s why I’m going to help you get your wedding invitation wording right by giving some tips that you can keep up your sleeve while designing your marriage invitation card.




Things to keep in mind while choosing your wedding invitation wording:


1. Decide whether you and your partner want to have a separate wedding invitation card for both your families or a single one.


2. Once you finalise Point 1, pick a tone for the wedding invitation wording. Do you want it to be formal or casual?


3. You will also have to decide whose name you want to add as a host in the wedding invitation message. Some cultures prefer putting the couple’s grandparent’s names, while some prefer adding only parent’s names as the host.


4. Choose a beautiful font for your wedding invitation message. Pick something that goes with your style and looks good with the wedding invitation template.  


Here’s a typical example of what a traditional wedding invitation wording looks like:



Host Line: The host line should include name or names of the people who are hosting the wedding. In Indian weddings, parents or grandparents are usually the ones whose names are added in the host line.


Primary Invitation Line: Now, this is the main invitation line, which helps set the tone of the entire wedding invitation wording. Depending on your preference, you can choose a formal or informal tone.

Some informal wedding invitation wordings you can use in the primary line are: “at the marriage of their daughter/son” “would love for you to join them” “invite you to celebrate with them”


Some informal wedding invitation wording you can use in the primary line are: “Solicit your gracious presence on the auspicious occasion of the wedding”, ” Request the pleasure of your company”, “Request the honour of your presence at the celebration of their son’s / daughter’s marriage”


Names: The third line of a wedding invitation message must always include the names of the bride and the groom. Here, you can also add names of the parents or grandparents incase they are not mentioned in the host line.


Information Line: In a wedding invitation format, the information line must include all the relevant and useful information for the guest. Some things that you must include in this line are date and venue details, muhurat timings, lunch/dinner/reception details.


Closing Line: You final and closing line of the wedding invitation wording should always include one of the following:

Compliments from, family name


No gifts please (if you aren’t accepting), Dress code (if there is one)


Now that you know what a wedding invitation wording comprises of, let me show you some wedding invitation templates, which you can draw inspiration from and use for your wedding.



1. Just the family name in host line



This is an wedding invitation for sangeet, however, you can make a similar one for your wedding as well. Using just the family name of the bride or the groom or both the family names is a good idea to avoid the clutter of so many names.



2. One-side parents names in the host line



This type of wedding invitation wording is ideal when only one set of parents are the hosts and the wedding invitation card is either from the bride’s or groom’s side. In a wedding invitation format like this, the parents names of the opposite party usually come after the name of the bride/groom.



3. The couple’s names in the host line



If you are looking for a modern wedding invitation wording and want to use only your names in the invitation card, then a wedding invitation template is something you can definitely consider.



4. Both grandparents in host line



If your grandparents are the ones inviting, you can choose to add names of both the set of grandparents in the host line and parents names with the name of the bride and groom!



5. Both-side parents name in the host line



If your wedding invitation is common to both the bride and the groom, then it is advisable to add both the parents names in the host line!



6. E-invite from the couple



If you are not the one to send out formal wedding invites printed on cards, you can always opt an e-invite to send on e-mail or WhatsApp to go eco-friendly. E-invites are usually small with less content, so just stick to using the couple’s names with the information about the wedding.


And, now that you know how to use wedding invitation wording in your card, why not see some cool cool wedding invitation cards for inspiration?

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