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40 Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas to Blow Your Mind Away!

40 Wedding Reception Stage Decoration Ideas to Blow Your Mind Away!

Weddings are joyous occasions that bring together two families to celebrate the union of two people in love. And what better way to celebrate than with a beautiful wedding reception? The reception is the perfect opportunity to let loose, dance the night away, and revel in the love that surrounds you. But before any of that can happen, there’s one crucial element to consider: the wedding reception stage decoration.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Decoration? That sounds like work!” But fear not, my friends. Decorating the wedding reception stage can be a fun and creative process that allows you to express your style and personality. Whether you’re going for a classic, elegant look or something more whimsical and playful, there are countless wedding reception stage decoration ideas to choose from.

To give you some reception stage and decoration ideas, we have curated a list of the 40 best wedding stage decor photos that you can show to your decorator and have the marriage decoration of your dream! Trust us! Your mind will surely be blown once you see what we have compiled for you. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax. Let’s dive into some fun and fabulous wedding reception stage decoration ideas that are sure to make your big day unforgettable!

1. Surreal Marriage Decoration that Looks Right Out of Fairytale

Image source: @jeffleatham

When it comes to wedding reception stage decorations, floral arrangements are a timeless classic that many couples turn to. There’s just something about the sight and scent of fresh flowers that adds an air of elegance and sophistication to any wedding. From delicate roses to vibrant peonies, the options for floral decorations are endless.

And if you really want to make a statement, why not go all out with a grand floral reception stage? The sheer size and beauty of such an arrangement can make the entire venue feel like a fairytale come to life. Just imagine walking down the aisle towards a stage adorned with cascading blooms in every color of the rainbow. It’s enough to take anyone’s breath away!

2. The Classic Decor for Big Fat Indian Weddings

Wedding Stage Decoration

Stage Decor Credit: Anais Events

Step into a dreamy wonderland with our pastel-themed wedding reception stage, where soft hues of peach, blush, and mint come together in perfect harmony. Our delicate floral arrangements and ethereal draping will transport you to a whimsical paradise, making your special day even more unforgettable.

3. Pop of Bright Colors

Image Source: Anais Events

Get ready to be swept away by a burst of color with our bright floral wedding reception stage. Bold and beautiful blooms in every shade of the rainbow come together to create a stunning visual masterpiece. This expertly designed stage features cascading petals and lush greenery, providing the perfect backdrop for your happily ever after. Let our vibrant design be the perfect accent to your unforgettable day.

4. Classic Indian-Themed Wedding Stage Decor

Image Source: Eventrics Indian Weddings

Experience the grandeur and elegance of a classic Indian wedding with our stunning red and gold-themed reception stage. Our intricately designed stage features traditional motifs, intricate carvings, and lavish draping, all bathed in a warm glow of luxurious red and gold tones. From the elaborate floral arrangements to the opulent chandeliers, every detail is carefully crafted to transport you and your guests to a regal and unforgettable celebration. Let us bring the timeless beauty of India to your special day.

5. Simple yet Classy Marriage Stage Decoration

Decor credits: Design House Decor

The all-white theme is the epitome of glamour and class, and we have the perfect marriage decoration idea to make your special day unforgettable. With a stunning backdrop of white florals and lush greenery, and delicate white petals adorning the foot of the stage, this decor is sure to leave you breathless. Let us bring the ethereal beauty of white to your wedding and create a truly magical experience for you and your guests.

6. Beautiful Night Sky Decor

Are you a fan of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, aren’t you? If yes, then why are you looking at any other marriage decoration for your wedding festivity. Here is the best one, a night sky-inspired stage decor, which is something that looks stunning and is definitely for the hatke couples.

7. Draped in Roses

Image Credits: weddingsbywardah

We have seen multiple weddings which are replete with golden arches, colorful curtains, bright flowers, and huge sofas. This kind of traditional and go-to stage decor is perfect for couples who like decorations that are old-school but classic. If you do not want to risk your marriage decoration by experimenting on your final day, then what’s bad in going for something timeless. We bet your pictures will be timeless too.

8. Mandap-cum Stage Decor

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

Look at the picture of this gorgeous white wedding decor. Isn’t it beautiful? If your answer is yes, then you might actually be surprised to know that this is also a money-saver in disguise. The beautiful gazebo-like structure can be your mandap as well as the reception stage after the marriage rituals. Just take off the havan kund and pooja material and replace it with the royal-looking chairs to convert the mandap to a reception stage! Win-Win, isn’t it?

9. Candle-Lit Stage Decor

Image Source: @weddingsbywardah

Everything seems romantic when you dim the lights and light up a few candles. No, we ain’t talking about a getaway couples dinner, but we indeed are talking about your wedding function decor. If you are a candle lover, then you’ll fall in love with this reception stage decoration as soon as you see it. The simplicity of white flowers, white drapes, and a shelf backdrop with candles all over is big thumbs-up for beautiful wedding photos!

10. Royal Looking Stage Decor

Image Source: Designer Events Inc

Nothing is more classic Indian-themed than a paisley and blue drapes backdrop! The regal sofa plus the two lanterns on either side just add to the overall charm of this Indian stage decoration. The cherry on top is surely due to the touch of gold. Imagine sitting like a royal couple with this stage decor. We think it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. Don’t you?

11. Light Up Your Marriage Decoration

Image Source: Shawna Yamamoto & Company

We have already talked about floral decors and their beauty of them. So, if you wish to amp it up, then what about throwing in some gold or amber lights? If a wedding stage decoration full of flowers and beautifully placed lights is your only requirement, then this wedding stage image is all you need for your inspiration! The color scheme and the white sofa just look like the best combination ever.

12. Elegant and Graceful Decor

If elegance is the only word you are looking forward to when it comes to your stage decor, then this one is THE ONE for you. The gorgeous white flowers, crystal chandeliers, and gold-accented sofas give this wedding decor a total of #royalvibes!

13. Grand or Magnificent or Both?

Image Source: @chezrosefloraldesigns

Give a grand feel to your marriage decoration by choosing a wedding stage decor idea that looks like it’s a part of some age-old palace. The combination of white, blue, and ombre in this wedding stage decoration image has us going gaga over its sheer beauty.

14. The Instagram Couple!

Image Source: iPlanner Bali

Sometimes it is okay to be the most out-there couple when it comes to celebrating your day with a bang. One of the quirkiest wedding decor ideas, this beautiful stage setup reflects freshness and vibrancy in one frame. This marriage decoration is worthy of being the perfect decor for the gram-brides and gram-grooms. So, if you want something floral but not too flowery, this wedding stage decoration is just the perfect pick for you!

15. A Wedding Decor that Speaks for Itself

Image Source: Shawna Yamamoto & Company

A vibrant tone for the stage can surely be the best setup when it comes to a simple yet elegant marriage decoration. If you had to capture elegance in one frame, this is exactly what it would look like! This one is ideal for a simple and minimal wedding stage decoration if you have a modern classic taste. What’s more? This decor can be chosen if you have a space crunch at your venue as it does not occupy much space.

16. Splash of Colors

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

Is there a better color combination than blue and red for stage decor? Well, this wedding stage image is surely giving some rich vibes with its use of colorful drapes, colorful fresh blooms, and a regal sofa! 

17. Pink and White, The Best Combination?

Image Source: Anais Events

They say the best-looking things are minimal and tasteful. This reception stage image is a testament to that. It is simple, graceful, and absolutely stunning! Right? We are in love with it, and who wouldn’t be. It is everything you would ask for in your marriage decoration.

18. Dramatic like Bollywood Decor

Image Source: @prestonrbailey

A larger-than-life backdrop of flowers, golden lights, and an arch makes this stage decoration look exquisite. The long sofa in emerald green with a reflective floor just adds that final bit of oomph factor to the entire setup. If you love drama, then this is what your stage should look like.

19. Thoughts about A Yellow Decor?

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

Displaying a beautiful riot of yellow, this stage decoration is apt for couples who want to skip the orchids and carnations, and stick to the good-old genda phool! And must I say, this looks truly desi as well? This marriage decoration is for all couples, who love the fresh floral look but still want to stand out by choosing a not-so-common yet common flower.

20. A Grand Floral Stage Decor

Image Source: @hellokismet

This kind of grand stage decoration is perfect for weddings that take place in open spaces. The sheer grandiosity of this stage decoration is awe-inspiring in itself. The use of pillars, flowers, and the right amount of PINK makes this a great Indian-themed marriage decoration for your stage.

21. A Floral Mandap

Image Source: Big Bash Entertainment

A simple canopy of white and pink flowers along with pink drapes, white pillars, and sofas make this stage decoration, a simple yet eye-catching option for those who like to keep it low-key! You are sure to feel grand with this marriage decoration idea.

22. The Grandness of Chandeliers

Image Source: Shawna Yamamoto & Company

An eye-catching elegant stage decoration with all the elements that make a wedding decor look nice is truly a good option to make your wedding day grand. The chandeliers, grand sofas, and perfectly lit backdrop add to the grace of this marriage stage decoration.

23. An Offbeat Wedding Stage Decoration

Image Source: Imperial

We have already said that white makes everything dreamy, classy, beautiful, and picture-perfect. If you are looking for a little offbeat decor, then this stage decor fits your requirement. The use of royal blue and white drapes with antique sofas makes this wedding stage design stand out from the crowd.

24. An Open-Air Stage Decor

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

This wedding reception stage decoration is apt for an outdoor reception because of its sheer size. The lovely backdrop with flowers and lights along with the sofa is truly a sight to behold.

25. A South Indian Style Marriage Decoration

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

If you are looking for South Indian decor and your approach to wedding decoration is traditional, then a stage like this one looks absolutely magnificent. The use of golden pillars, Indian flowers, and godly motifs makes this wedding stage decoration one of our favorite Indian-themed marriage decorations.

26. The Most Romantic Stage ever

Image Source: Lin & Jirsa

If you want a simple and romantic-themed floral stage decor, then this picture is all the inspiration you need to set up your reception stage. Lin and Jirsa have surely done justice with the romantic theme that we are talking about. The use of white and pink roses across the stage and backdrop make this decor look truly romantic!

27. Unconventional Yet Beautiful Stage Decor

Image Source: Going Bananas Photography

You might not have imagined this kind of stage decor to be this beautiful. An arch full of roses covers the bride’s and groom’s sofa with simple drapes in the backdrop. What’s not to love in this offbeat stage decoration? To top it off, roses are anyways the best flower to pick when it comes to marriage decorations.

28. Decor To Go Gaga Over

Image Source: @revelryeventdesign

Red is a color that’s seen widely in Indian wedding decorations, and for all the right reasons! Just take this gorgeous stage for instance. The simple shelf backdrop covered with red roses makes the whole stage decoration look just wow!

29. A Decor that is Feast To The Eyes

Image Source: @chezrosefloraldesigns

Truly exuberant and grand, this floral marriage decoration is what dreams are made of! The canopy of hanging flowers in the backdrop along with glass panels and large flower vases makes this stage decor look romantic!

30. Another Yellow and Gold Decor

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

If you really want to rock your wedding function with super awesome decor, then just look at this one. This lively yellow wedding decor is full of flowers and drapes, which gives it an Indian vibe. What’s cool is that it can be doubled up as a mandap decor if you replace the sofa with pooja essentials.

31. There is nothing like too much shimmer

How much shimmer is too much shimmer? Do you have an answer to this? No, we don’t think that you can limit the glam quotient. This one is a contemporary wedding decor idea, a glamorous one with shiny glitter strings, a train of white flowers, perfectly placed lights, and a simple sofa.

32. A Fun and Unique Marriage Decoration

Bored of seeing flowers and chandeliers everywhere? Make way for umbrellas and Bollywood-inspired throw pillows that make for a fun stage decoration idea! You are going to rock this decor like some Bollywood hero-heroine and what’s bad in being the talk of the town?

33. A Peacock Decoration

Image Source: Anais Events

Since you have lesser space at indoor weddings, this Peacock decor will rock your wedding day. This floral stage decoration is perfect. It has a nice backdrop of floral wreaths along with a pair of peacocks on the sides of the stage. Just two words for it – simple and beautiful.

34. The Gold-Accented Decor

Image Source: Kimberly Photography LLC

The gold sofa, drapes, and backdrop along with white and pink floral arrangement make this stage decoration perfect for an indoor evening reception! You are sure to feel like a princess once you walk down the aisle up to this stage.

35. Drapes, Drapes & More Drapes!

Image Source: Pandya Photography

For the drape-loving couples out there, this stage decor is like a dream come true. The multi-color drapes in the background along with chandeliers and a golden sofa make this wedding stage design look spectacular!

36. The Outdoor Grandiose

Image Source: Atisuto Events

A chic and graceful stage decor, this one uses a lot of white, pink, and purple flowers on a white backdrop making the whole setup look exquisite. If extravagance is what you have envisioned for your big day, then this is it.

37. With The Blessings of The Almighty

Image Source: Aash Studios

Replete with greenery, plants, flowers, and idols of god, this temple theme wedding decor is spectacular and perfect for a wedding with an overall traditional theme. Who would say no to some extra blessings anyway!

38. The Most Exquisite Chandelier

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

A simple stage decor, this one has a large ceiling of hanging flowers along with delicate chandeliers that give it a simple and attractive vibe. This kind of decor is perfect for outdoor spaces! It is sure to look nothing but beautiful on your wedding day.

39. A Riot of Colours

Image Source: DreamKrraftz

Multi-color drapes, LED lights, shimmer strings, and a starry black backdrop. What’s not to love in this beautiful reception stage decor? It has that million-dollar look to make your day the best one of your life.

40. The Dream Stage

Image Source: Shawna Yamamoto & Company

A reception stage that looks like something out of a dream? Yes, please! 

So, we feel that we have covered from simple to the most extravagant stages and these are some of the best marriage decoration ideas we can get for you. If you are looking for pastel wedding decor ideasnew tent ideas, or engagement decorations, you have come to right place. Tell us which one of these latest stage decoration ideas did you find the most interesting? We are eagerly waiting to know!

Image Source: Pinterest unless specified.

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