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#WeddingMakersSeries – Tête-a-Tête with Mumbai’s Top Bridal Makeup Artist Preeti Jain (Makeup Tips Included)

#WeddingMakersSeries – Tête-a-Tête with Mumbai’s Top Bridal Makeup Artist Preeti Jain (Makeup Tips Included)

Bubbly, vivacious and one of most sought after professional bridal makeup artists in Mumbai, Preeti Jain warmly welcomed Weddingz for tête-a-tête. What followed was tons of fun, laughter and a conversation that helped us know what a marvel she is at the work she knows best – makeup!

A Mumbai resident, this 27 year old makeup artist completed her B.Tech in cosmetic technology in  2011 after which she started working as a full time makeup artist, and since then, there was no stopping her.


#WeddingMakersSeries - Tête-a-Tête with Mumbai’s Top Bridal Makeup Artist Preeti Jain (Makeup Tips Included)

Today, along with being one of the top bridal makeup artists in Mumbai, Preeti is also a makeup instructor and a creative director for folios, high-end fashion and theme based photo shoots. Impressive, eh?!

She loves to talk, talk and talk to people (and herself sometimes: D) and uses this super power to make her clients instantly connect with her. Giggly and chirpy, this adorable lass loves to shop like all girls do and is a major fitness freak (kind of explains her fit figure).

Get to know more about her.

Hobbies: Shopping, travelling and exercising

Began her makeup career in the year: 2012, however associated with the industry since 2009

Certification: Internationally certified artist from ANBOS

Inspiration: The real world, majorly family

Dream job, if not a makeup artist: Cosmetic creator or model

One makeup trend she loves the most: Extravagant and prominent eye makeup

Current favourite makeup product: Taupe coloured Inglot eyeliner

Favourite eye shadow colours: Shades of gold for brides. Otherwise, shades of blue and tangerine, both light and dark, contradictory colours


#WeddingMakersSeries - Tête-a-Tête with Mumbai’s Top Bridal Makeup Artist Preeti Jain (Makeup Tips Included)


Quick Chit-Chat with the Artist over Hot Coffee and Samosas

What is the biggest challenge you face as a bridal makeup artist?

To read the client’s requirement correctly and deliver the right look


What has your experience been as a bridal makeup artist?

So far so good! I have been able to understand and value the importance of D-Day for my clients and ensure, they have a certain comfort level with me. 


What is your style of applying bridal makeup that sets you apart from your competition?

I believe the lips and the eyes are the star features of any face, highlighting those areas more is what I love to experiment with.


With a plethora of skincare and beauty products available, how do you manage to maintain a simple routine?

One simple mantra: CTMS – cleansing, toning, moisturising and right application of sunblock.


How do you convince your client about a particular style they want, but may NOT suit them?

My tools are trials, technical discussions and process detailing, communicating this way with the client, more or less changes their perspective and makes convincing easy.


Other than bridal makeup, which other event can a client book you for?

I explore my creativity in high fashion and theme based shoots. I design model looks and direct them. It’s something that gives me a real edge.


Quick Chit-Chat with the Artist over Hot Coffee and Samosas


Advice for Brides-to-be and Women in General


What are the common mistakes you see women make on their makeup?

Applying incorrect foundation! Usually what women do is test the colour of the foundation on their hand. That’s not the right way to check the tone. Always test the tone of the foundation on your face as the skin colour on your face and hand is different. Testing the tone on your hand makes you choose two tones fairer, which when applied on the face makes it look drastically distinct from rest of the body. 


Women these days are busy round the clock. What is that one secret makeup tip to attain gorgeous skin in minutes?

Cleanse your face – splash it with cold water, apply black mud mask or collagen mask, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and you’re ready to go. Before you leave from home, don’t forget to apply a good sunblock.


What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women?

Be confident in your skin and always smile. At the end of the day, if you don’t smile with all your heart, no makeup in the world can make you look awesome.


What products do you think should be a staple in every woman’s purse?

Basic essential products, such as sunblock, lip balm, sunglasses and a bottle of water.


Name some of your favourite brands to use?

I don’t profess by any brand, if I had to name a few then MAC, Inglot, Lancome and Makeup Forever offer excellent varieties.


Is there any makeup trend you would love to see brides leave behind?

I would want brides to experiment more with colours. Most brides like to stick to traditional red’s and gold’s, however there are very few who love to try-out something distinct.


What are the essential products a bride should carry on the D-Day for touch-ups?

Compact powder, lipstick and blotting paper


What do bridal makeup trials include?

My trials include low to high intensity makeup. Most modern brides prefer minimal makeup and so opt for light looks, while there are selective few who are game for experimentation and finalize a dark and bold look.


What if a bride is unable to make time for trials?

I stay in constant touch with my clients over WhatsApp and emails, requesting them to send their images and reference pictures of the looks they want. Most of the times we also pick outfits that will suit the look using this medium, but I ensure to have at least one rough trial with the client.


How do you finalize a look for the bride?

A picture speaks a thousand words. I insist on taking a photo once the trial makeup is complete to check how does it look in images and then let brides decide which look they want to lock.


What is one thing that anyone can do to be their most beautiful selves?

Love yourself.


What tip or advice can you give to couples who are in the midst of planning their big day?

Book me before someone else does.


Makeup Tips from the Expert

Phase 1 – Eye Makeup

Makeup Tips from the Expert

Makeup Tips from the Expert

Makeup Tips from the Expert

Makeup Tips from the Expert

Makeup Tips from the Expert


  1. Always cleanse your face before application of makeup, this will clear the dirt settled on your skin
  2. Then the next step you think is the foundation, right? Preeti thinks otherwise. She suggests you start with eye makeup and then move on with the process as your makeup looks fresh
  3. Apply an eye primer as the base so that the makeup stays longer
  4. Then apply eye shadow by dabbing and not brushing the brush on your eye lid. Stretch your brows to apply the makeup on your creases
  5. Apply glitter over the eyes – dab it on the eyes with the use of gel – only on the eyeball area. Application of glitter takes off some eye shadow, but it works well to give it a smoky effect
  6. Then apply a highlighter 
  7. It’s important to shape the brow, hence ensure you measure the arch of the brow and match the brow colour to the hair

#Preeti Recommends: When applying makeup on the eye, go light to dark

  1. Now apply eye liner. The trick to apply it perfectly is to start from the centre, then move to the sides for an even application
  2. Now stick your eyelash. Measure it first, and then cut if too long. Apply eyelash glue and press the lash gently onto your eyes. Cover the white lines with the eye liner

#Preeti Recommends: Use an earbud to clean the glue and tear glands, that way you don’t mess up the eye makeup

  1. Then apply mascara to join both lashes. If the mascara runs don’t wipe it off when wet, wait for it to dry and then clean it off

Apply slight kajal on the lower eye and smudge it using a smudger to complete the look


Phase 2 – Face

Makeup Tips from the Expert


  1. Prepare your skin by applying a pre-base using a wide makeup brush. For a perfect blend spread it with your finger
  2. Apply another layer of pre-base using the foundation with the same brush

#Preeti Recommends: When applying makeup, make use of spatula and not fingers to take off the product, and then use synthetic or flat brush to apply the makeup

#Preeti Recommends: Always apply foundation to the exposed area, including neck, chest and don’t forget the ears

  1. Next apply concealer, using a brush, ball blender or your fingers

Then apply the compact powder and let the makeup set for 5 minutes, as it will block the makeup for a long lasting effect


Phase 3 – Blush

Makeup Tips from the Expert


  1. Make a fish face to identify the cheekbones and apply the blush

#Preeti Recommends: If you have a fair skin then opt for light colours

  1. Add another layer of pinkish tone as the blush; rub it off if too dark

Phase 4 – Lip

Makeup Tips from the Expert

Makeup Tips from the Expert


  1. Apply lip liner

#Preeti Recommends: Pointed pouts are out are out of fashion, therefore when applying the liner simply define your lips

  1. Fill up the lip using the lip liner as it forms the base of your lips
  2. Then apply your lipstick or lip paint

#Preeti Recommends: If your lip paint sticks to your teeth wipe it off using an earbud and dab the extra lip paint if not dried up soon


Makeup Tips from the Expert

And you’re ready to go!


Makeup Tips from the Expert

Preeti’s work speaks of her talent, therefore the less we say the better. One thing we know for sure, her passion for all things makeup will surely leave you spell bound. To book Preeti Jain for your wedding or next event, click here.




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