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Which Lip Shade are you According to Zodiac

Which Lip Shade are you According to Zodiac

I love a lot of things but barely a few come close to my love for lipsticks. I also love sharing some gyan with my listeners. Gather around kids, today on the first episode of Advani Gyan Ganga, we shall talk about lipsticks and zodiac. Precisely, which lipstick are you according to your sun sign. You’ll be surprised to know that there is at least one shade that resonates with your personality. Keep in mind, this is not about your favourite lipstick but about a shade that matches your zodiac. I suggest you sip on some green tea and play some soft music in the background while reading this. It will add some oomph to this blog!


1. Aries- Blood Red



Being the first fire sign in the zodiac, it only makes sense that Aries is hot, blood-red. It matches with their intense passion, gusto and fierce nature. What screams “I will kick your ass and not even regret it” more than the hot red lipstick?


2. Taurus- Dusty Rose



Taureans are known for their calm, collected but stubborn nature. Since Venus (planet of love) rules over the Taureans, their lipstick shade should be sensual and sweet- a lot like the dusty rose.


3. Gemini- Fuschia Pink



Geminis are spontaneous, curious and adventurous. These social butterflies need a colour that matches with their friendly persona and nothing speaks more friendly than fuschia pink.


4. Cancer- Muted Pink



I like to call Cancerians as the Raichand family of the zodiac. Sensitive, caring and always putting their families first. The muted pinks are quite similar to the Cancerians- they are soft, versatile and approachable.


5. Leo- Shimmer



A Leo always stands out in a crowd, like a true king or queen of the jungle. You may think they’re more suited for red but honestly, nothing describes a Leo better than shimmer/glitter lipsticks.


6. Virgo- Muted Coral



Hardworking, organised and practical, Virgos are boss ladies (mine is literally!) The perfectionists resonate the most with muted corals- not over the top, yet making a statement!


7. Libra- Chocolate Brown



Librans get along with everyone. They are easy-going and so is their lipstick colour, chocolate brown. Chocolate brown goes with every outfit and every skin tone.


8. Scorpio- Tangerine



 Scorpions have a reputation for being sensual, bold and spellbinding. I know it’s surprising for a water sign to match with such a fiery shade, but honestly, it matches with their fiery soul!


9. Sagittarius- Blue


Image source: Jeffery Star


Adventurous, optimistic and full of energy, Sagittarians have blue lipstick written all over them.


10. Capricorn- Mauve



A Capricorn is a whole package- goal-oriented, have a great sense of humour and discipline. The mauve lipstick speaks a lot about their professional and witty nature.


11. Aquarius- Plum

Aquarians are super friendly, yet temperamental and moody. A daring, free spirit like Aquarians deserve the plum lipstick.


12. Pisces- Nudes



The dreamiest sign of the zodiac, Pisceans easily adapt to the environment. They are a lot like nude lipstick- whimsical and artistic. 


Tune in for the second episode next month!


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