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Why a Wedding Gift Registry is a Way Forward for New-Age Couples

Why a Wedding Gift Registry is a Way Forward for New-Age Couples

With the advent of wedding planners and aggregators, hosting a glitch-free marriage is no longer a distant dream. From the venue to the decor, catering and stylists, each and every aspect can be planned to the T. However, one of the essentials and most underappreciated departments is of wedding gifts! So much so that it is not even looked upon as a category. However, having a wedding gift registry is a crucial element of hosting an ‘it’ wedding.

Considering the size of the vast Indian marriage market, the amount of money spent on wedding gifts is huge! Such magnanimous figures for gifts received only for the couple to keep it aside for re-gifting as they’ve received repetitive and not particularly useful items for them. Here’s when a gift registry steps in to bridge this gap and streamline the entire process.

For a generation that does not believe in hoarding, introducing the wedding gift registry element for your big day can be a big boon for all. We’ve listed 5 important reasons why you should totally embrace this and set the trend amongst your peers.

1. Gestures are One Thing. ‘Need’ the Other!

No matter the postscripts on wedding invites, requests or reminders that you only want the ‘blessings’ guests very often do not turn up without a wrapped box, bag or a fancy envelope. And considering the average size of an Indian wedding, chances are you’ll end up receiving the same or similar gift in different variants! As much as you wish to receive things (even behind the polite requests) that are of utilitarian value to you, the reality is ambiguous and reads otherwise. Here is when a wedding registry comes to rescue and makes it a win-win situation for all. You can curate a list of things that you actually need which can drastically reduce the chances of you being gifted things that are redundant to you.

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2. A Step Towards Sustainability

We often associate green weddings with reduction in immediate waste consumption. Though this is not entirely wrong, a deeper introspection into the larger waste cycle will make you realise that even the stuff you receive as gifts and do not need, will eventually qualify as ‘waste’ At the most you will re-gift it to someone who will  pass it on further. As the foundation of sustainability rests on the idea of ‘consumption’ it is better to be vocal and transparent about your needs than to end up hoarding stuff that is not even relevant to you. 

Image Source Red Mandala

3. Goodbye to Guessing Game!

When it comes to wedding gifts, it can turn out to be a real nightmare for most guests. Not only do they have to find a perfect gift, they need to fit it in the budget and know if it is really perfect for you! Rather than being judged as demanding, wedding gift registry is more of a consideration towards the guests invited. This saves them from those endless guessing games or last-minute random buys. Besides, you may need real assistance in setting up your new home or funding your honeymoon more than anything else. It is time you spare them and yourself the hassle of gifting and receiving your tenth crockery set and twelfth flower vase!

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4. A Hassle-free Experience!

Imagine trudging around huge boxes and countless bags that cramp your style and space on your big day. Besides you’ll need additional manpower to move the gifts from the venue to home. And since it’s gifts, no one other than close family members can be trusted which means that the time they should be spending with you making memories is now lost to logistical labour! On the other hand, until the guests do not place the gift in your hand, they have to be constantly tied to it. Setting up a wedding gift registry ensures all such chaos is directly cut out! Broken tags, stolen or misplaced gifts, damaged items will all be passe when the registry comes into the picture. The gift that the guest chooses will be packed and safely delivered to the couple.

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5. Scope for Social Responsibility!

Meaningful marriages for most millennial couples today is not just limited to their joys but rather sharing and spreading it to others. Especially those, who are most vulnerable. By opting for a gift registry on your big-day you can get your guests to contribute to a cause that is close to your heart or support a charity’s work. This will also make your guests feel like they are adding value to something noble and larger. It also helps bringing attention and awareness towards relevant issues. The gift registry will streamline this process and ensure a fuss-free experience for all. They can also assist you in choosing appropriate and authentic ones.

Image Source Supportthegirls

Well folks, we hope this leaves you with a good number of reasons to begin with to consider a gift registry for your wedding. The step towards a thoughtful, progressive and peaceful marriage experience begins here! 

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