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Aditi & Joy Mumbai

A Bengali Marriage Ceremony That Redefines Chemistry and Cuteness
September 2015

The Story


Hiding her pretty bridal face behind betel leaves, Aditi orbits multiple times around Joy and then reveals her face to him with a priceless expression, as she now knows that they are married. This Bengali marriage ritual is then followed by multiple sounds of shankh and ululation, done by the ladies.

The bride and the groom were ethnically dressed for the Mala Bodol ceremony, where the groom has to put garland over the bride’s head for three consecutive times. With a traditional Topor, rimless spectacles and a unique arrangement of bindis over the forehead the groom looked really great. The bride too had the traditional red and white dots on the forehead running down all the way to the cheeks. She accessorized herself with a gold and delicate mathapatti and a nath that ended on her upper earlobe. Throughout the wedding the couples were adorably into each other. Smiling, laughing, enjoying, posing and just having a good time.

Want to see their wedding photographs with their sizzling chemistry? Let’s scroll down.

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The Moments