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Abhinav & Anshika Gurugram : Jab Anshika and Abhinav clicked together for life!

Abhinav & Anshika Gurugram : Jab Anshika and Abhinav clicked together for life!

Imagine this – a proper arrange marriage setup where the couple meeting for the first time will have to make a decision (in a jiffy) that will affect their future! Feeling the pressure, are you? Well, we are sure Anshika and Abhinav felt some stress too. But, fortunately, for this couple, their arrange marriage meet turned out to be beautiful and so, the very next day, they decided to tie the knot!

In July of 2019, an arranged married meeting was set up for the potential couple, Anshika and Abhinav at The Radisson, Noida. They were meeting each other with their families present. However, they were left alone to speak to each other for an hour or so.

And for Abhinav, it was love at first sight! “This was not my first ‘arrange marriage’ meeting. I always knew I’d come to know the one whenever I meet her. I had seen her Instagram profile which was thankfully open to view and had a good feeling. Even before the meeting, I had a good feeling about Anshika.”

On the other hand, Anshika who calls herself an introvert, says, “I don’t gel with people easily, but when I met him there was just some kind of click, and we were just talking about everything. It was here that I kind of realised there is something…”

Post their first meeting, Abhinav had told Anshika that they would continue their conversation over a phone call later in the night and then decide where they stood.

“I didn’t take her number thinking that I’ll message her on Insta and she’ll surely reply. I messaged her as soon as I reached home from the hotel, but I didn’t receive a reply for another two hours ☹. My family members were also hoping this works out because they liked her and her family. So, I told my dad that I am unable to talk to her, foolishly I didn’t take her number, and without talking to her, I will not make a decision. So eventually he arranged the number, and we spoke for half an hour at night. Again, I asked Anshika that let us sleep over it and make a decision tomorrow morning.”   

Abhinav spent the entire night thinking how he would ask Anshika out properly. While it was a typically arranged set-up, but he wanted to hear a YES from her first.  

“I googled ways to propose over the phone, but none helped. But as soon as I woke up, I messaged Anshika and got a reply in an instant. We texted a bit, and finally, I asked the question, drafted it as well as I could, and got a YES 😊.” – Abhinav

“Everyone in the house was looking forward to the decision. I got out of my room after I got a YES from Anshika and the whole family was thrilled.”

Even Anshika’s family was equally thrilled and the couple, together with their families, sealed the deal the very next day! This couple’s story truly personifies ‘chat mangni, pat biyah!’.

The Wedding

A date six months later was decided as their D-day. And they chose The Ritz, Gurugram as their preferred location. Both were working yet managed to plan their wedding details with the help of family and friends. Fortunately, “we collectively knew that wedding should be grand, and the décor of our venue was already beautiful, from décor to our entry everything was amazing…”

The wedding festivities were planned across four days, starting with the lagan, mehendi, Mata ki chowki, engagement, haldi, tel baan, bhaat, cocktail and the wedding. In short, a power-packed four days!

For the engagement, Anshika wore a floor-length, Anarkali lehenga with a lot of mirror work on the blouse and heavy thread work on the skirt. She paired it up with stunning, elegant diamond jewellery. Abhinav looked dashing a royal bandhgala.

For the haldi and tel baan, as it was a day time function, the décor was all yellow with a lot of colours adding to its charms. They had Rajasthani umbrellas to bring a little jazz to their function. Apt for the ceremony, Anshika wore a beautiful yellow saree, and she paired it with stunning hot pink floral jewellery. For Abhinav’s haldi ceremony, he wore a plain white kurta-pyjama set.

For the bhaat ceremony, Anshika wore a stunning Anarkali in deep mustard and bottle green brocade. For the wedding, Anshika looked stunning in her gorgeous tomato pink lehenga with heavy embroidery. Her makeup was beautiful as it helped bring out her delicate features. She completed her look with a floral bun and heavy gold jewellery and matching bangles.

Abhinav looked dapper in his cream sherwani and both, together, made a stunning couple.

About the Photographer

We chose to go with Shutterdown! Best decision ever! Their way of working, interaction with people, photographs, etc., everything was terrific. We had great fun working with them, giving interviews- this was the first time everyone did this, and we just enjoyed it. And even their candid pics are amazing.

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Wedding Date - February 2020
Wedding Location - Gurugram

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