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Diksha & Jagan Madurai

A beautiful love story of 'two states' - bringing North and South together!
February 2017

The Story

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” - Audrey Hepburn

How They Met
Diksha and Jagan met for the first time while studying for their MBA at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. They were friends for a year before they started dating each other. During that one year, Diksha and Jagan spent many weekends together. Since most of their friend circle was from Chennai itself, they would head home for the weekend and Diksha and Jagan were left for each other’s company. They would go cycling together and explore nearby areas, gorge on Chennai’s street food, visit the beaches and get to know each other. 

The Proposal
In June 2015, Diksha was studying for her second MBA at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.  Jagan went to Europe for an Exchange Program, post which he came to Hyderabad to work at Amazon Hyderabad. 

Jagan’s office was not that far away from Diksha’s hostel so he would come to visit her once he was done with work. About a week after his return from Europe, Jagan and Diksha were at her hostel when they broke into an intense fight and he just left. Since it was late at night and his phone was out of charge, Diksha wanted to book him an Uber. She followed him outside but instead of booking him a cab, they started fighting again. Just like that, in the middle of that fight, he just said it, i.e. he confessed his feelings! 

Diksha told him to propose properly so he went around campus collecting flowers, came back and went down on his knee to ask Diksha’s hand in marriage.

Meeting the Parents
When Diksha’s parents visited her at ISB, they met Jagan as ‘Jagan, a friend from Great Lakes’. They really liked him but before the couple had a chance to tell Diksha’s parents, Diksha’s siblings spilt the beans on them. Since a love marriage was not an uncommon happening in the family, it came as no surprise that Diksha’s family was completely okay with it. When it came to meeting Jagan’s parents, they too were impressed with Diksha but took time to come to terms with the idea of love marriage. They took about 6 months to figure out the horoscopes, get a better idea of what they are getting into. But once they were convinced, it was a happy, beautiful and exciting journey to getting married.

Wedding Planning
Jagan’s father has worked for TVS for over 40 years and has a special place in his heart for TVS venues. As a child, Jagan has been a part of many concerts that took place at the venue where the couple got married. Moreover, the groom’s parents have attended numerous events at this venue. 

Every Friday, the couple would fly to Madurai or Hisar (yes, fly across the country) to get moving with the wedding shopping. Their parents would keep a small list of items ready - dresses, food caterers, menus, decorations, etc. - that they needed to discuss, decide and finalise just in time to fly back to Hyderabad for work on Monday.

The Wedding
Their grand wedding celebration lasted for five days. It was all about making both families happy while the couple celebrated their day of love. There was a Mehendi ceremony and a Baraat where the dancing made the Punjabis in the house extremely happy. Meanwhile the classical music during the ceremonies, Tamil Brahmin rituals and the wedding taking place in Madurai made the TamBrams content. Sounds like a whole lot of craziness and fun! 

About the Photographers
“We actually had 2 of them (lol – a North Indian and South Indian). I have known Ankit from way back as my cousin’s friend. He also covered my cousin’s wedding photography which I liked a lot. So we got Ankit and Deepika for candid photography.

We also got Subbu (Say Cheese) who had covered Radha’s wedding and I absolutely loved how he had done it.

The photographers did a mindblowing job! They captured every beautiful moment very well. They were a part of the family throughout the wedding, specially Ankit and Deepika. They were the first ones to arrive for any ceremony, would be almost invisible for most of the time and whenever possible, they would make us smile and laugh and pose effortlessly!” - Diksha, bride

The Dream Team

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