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Ravi & Emma Lonavala : Emma and Ravi just got hitched in the most minimally elegant wedding at Della Resorts, Lonavala!

Ravi & Emma Lonavala : Emma and Ravi just got hitched in the most minimally elegant wedding at Della Resorts, Lonavala!

Emma and Ravi, just got hitched in the most serene and beautiful wedding at Della Resorts, Lonavala! From the bride opting for the most minimal mehndi design we’ve ever seen to the groom having his haldi function with beer instead of haldi, this wedding has been the quirky right from the beginning. Choosing the favorite destination of Lonavala, the couple picked Della Resorts for it’s perfect blend of classic nostalgia and outdoor luxury. From a heavenly sangeet and engagement night to outdoor haldi and mehndi functions at Della Resorts, the venue provided them with the atmosphere and look that suited the couple.

The Couple

We’ve seen two people in love, all the time, but Emma and Ravi’s wedding showed us what two families in love look like! From the two mothers sitting together and admiring their children, to endless ceremonies spent in laughter, we’ve got gooey and warm vibes all over! 

Ravi says, “We’ve been together for 5 year-” “no 10 years! You said it yourself, it was since 2008” corrects Emma. Well, i guess when you’ve been together this long, the number of years stop to matter. 

Emma continues, “We met at Uni except i was in the 1st year and he was in the third.” Ravi continues, “So basically she added me on Facebook and that is history. In 2016, my mum was flying with my sister to India and i asked her, ‘well, will you pick up Emma’s engagement ring?’ and i think i stunned everyone into silence” Everyone started to cry and Ravi thought, “Why am i doig this! How am i going to stop the waterworks?”

What started off as a happy surprise has culminated into one of the most estatic weddings we’ve seen!

The Haldi Function

The haldi function at Della Resorts, Lonavala was as party-like as can be. We, personally, are absolutely in love with the small ways that the couple tried to personalise the wedding, going for named caps and beer bottles and using alcohol to wash away the haldi. Romesh Dhamija’s attention to detail and timing of candid moments is impeccable, creating memories the family will share. From making pool parties cool, to what was obviously a fun haldi function at Della Resorts, Lonavala everything about this event seems like the go to trend for summer weddings this year. Brides, are you listening?

Venue: Della Resorts, Goa

Photography: Romesh Dhamija Productions



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About Wedding

Wedding Date - February 2018
Wedding Location - Lonavala
Photographer- Romesh Dhamija Productions - Photo and Films

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