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Karan & Innayat Delhi : This bride who did her own make up and looked stunning is major #bridegoals this wedding season!

Karan & Innayat Delhi : This bride who did her own make up and looked stunning is major #bridegoals this wedding season!

How many of us have heard of a bride doing her own makeup?

I presume not many of us! However, this new-age bride aced her look by doing her own makeup for each function and raised the bar!

The couple’s decision of having unconventional outfits and offbeat themes  made this wedding a major inspiration for all! Read on to know more about this cute love story , which may make you go weak in the knees…

About the couple:

A carefree and spirited, 20-year-old Innayat hardly believed in the concept of destiny or in the fact that our future is already planned and written. Little did she know that all these myths she had about destiny, would be busted overnight.

Innayat, originally from New Zealand, was on a vacation at Scotland. On the last night of her holiday, she was partying at her friend’s place, when she met Karan. He was pursuing his higher studies in Scotland. They got chatting all night and later added each other on Facebook. Little did they know that this meeting would actually decide their fate. When they reminisce this moment, it still melts their hearts and makes them blush! Believe it or not, it is making us blush too…

For the next two years, the two messaged each other almost every day on Facebook. They had started feeling for each other, but both were too stubborn or probably too scared to admit the same. A glaring reason for this was the problems that revolve around long distance relationships.

Nevertheless, they couldn’t hide their emotions and feelings from one another for too long and they decided to give it a shot. Inaaayat and Karan were ready to give it their all in order to make this relationship work, love being the driving force. One thing led to another and they finally decided to tie the knot.

While Karan is inspired by her positivity, passion and her determination, for Innayat there cannot be a more caring and sensitive person than the love of her life. Karan is her lifeline and Innayat is his world!

The Wedding events-

Although the couple had a wedding planner, they played a major role in most of the decision-making process. The bride especially took keen interest in the overall planning and made sure she made a statement, whether it was with her outfits, her makeup or the decor!

Bhajan Sandhya and Haldi

The Bhaajan Sandhya was a rather small and intimate affair. The bride and groom kept it simple and adorned pastel outfits. Even the guests were seen flaunting elegant and sober outfits.

The haldi ceremony, as usual, was full of shades of yellow! The bride wanted it to be a private affair, simplistic yet full of fun and entertainment!

Mehendi and Cocktail

The Mehendi function with a blue and white Greek theme stood out the most. Not only was the decor according to the theme, but the couple had asked all the guests do dress up in the same colour pallette as well, making it more fun and exciting.

For the cocktail function, there was no theme in particular. But, the bride made sure everyone was dressed to impress in enigmatic gowns.


The wedding was elaborate and gave us the feeling of a ‘Big fat Indian wedding’. The grandeur, the outfits and the jewellery completely won over us! The decor was mesmerizing and the bride and groom look absolutely fantastic.

The bride wanted her unique style to stand out in all her ceremonies and we can say that she her look is major goals for new age brides. Her elegance, her panache and her taste in styles, colours and trends made us swoon over her entire look!!

The bride’s unmatchable makeup..

Being a famous makeup artist herself and having an Instagram account with thousands of followers (Valaari by Innayat), getting dolled up was not quite a difficult task for the bride. 

The wedding ceremonies started off with a Bhajan Sandhya, for which the bride flaunted very minimalistic and classy makeup to go with her outfit. She wanted to keep it fresh and simple!

The iconic bottle green gown she adorned for her cocktail, definitely called for some dramatic makeup. She totally won us over with her look with green smokey eyes, nude lipstick and of course lots of natural glow, keeping a good balance between the outfit and her makeup choice.

For the mehendi function, the bride chose to use a classic eyeliner with pink lipstick to compliment her blingy, mirror-work outfit made us drool!!

For her wedding, she ditched going all glittery and shimmery and gave herself the classic look. She wanted to look herself and stuck to smokey eyes to enhance her eyes, dark lipstick and bronze eye makeup. This made her look classy, modern and brought out the glow on her face.

She managed to maintain an excellent balance between her makeup and her outfits, not going to over-the-top and not missing the mark in a single function.

About the photographer..

“When it comes to wedding photography, there’s a whole lot of average and it’s easy to make the wrong choice. With Dipak Studios, we quickly realized that this would work. We drooled over his portfolio and hoped that if we managed to get something even half as nice as this, our wedding would be a success! The shots were insanely good and if you’re planning to get hitched soon, you should definitely go in for Dipak Studios.”

About the designer..

Ditching outfits by conventional designers, the bride looked for someone who could up her shaadi game and thus she chose the designer, Roli Maheshwari.

“She was my backbone throughout the wedding. She customized all my outfits and her work was simply impeccable. She would patiently help me plan my outfits while I was still at New Zealand, sending me pictures all the time. I loved her work!”


Photography- Dipak Studios


Veda’s luxury farms and Orana hotels and resorts

Designer- Roli Maheshwari

Makeup by- Valaari by Innayat (The bride)

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Wedding Date - February 2019
Wedding Location - Delhi

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