Maitreyi & Anand Mumbai

Intimate Mumbai Wedding with sweet DIY Details
May 2016

The Story

Shot brilliantly by the team at WhatKnot is the wedding of Ace international badminton player Anand Pawar and mental health specialist Maitreyi. Their love story began with an 11-year- old Maitreyi and 12-year- old Anand training for badminton under Anand’s father, they would see each other during training sessions. But they, in Maitreyi’s words, “couldn’t stand each other and would almost get into physical fights.” As time went on, they grew up, went to college together and became the best of friends. Really, they were just friends! Love wasn’t part of the equation (just yet)

As time passed Anand’s badminton career and  Maitreyi’s education took them to two different parts of the world but, Skype came to the rescue! #ThankfulForTechnology – Their conversations went on for 15-17 hours. Sparks continued to subtly fly and butterflies were ever-present but both Anand and Maitreyi didn’t take a step forward because of the distance. Soon they were in Bombay together and love bloomed! The stunning Maitreyi even played a little hard-to- get. She wishes she’d done it longer, but his green puppy eyes made her heart melt. Anand soon popped the question at Baga beach, Goa and a spellbound Maitreyi was nodding yes the whole time!

This beautiful couple had an equally stunning wedding with all the DIY details. There was love in abundance and happiness galore right from the tent mehndi ceremony to the cocktail-styled wedding reception. Tasteful jewellery, stunning clothes, even better décor – Anand and Maitreyi’s wedding had inspiration written all over it.

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The Moments