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Prashant & Mansi Ghaziabad : DilMil gaye for Mansi and Prashant

Prashant & Mansi Ghaziabad : DilMil gaye for Mansi and Prashant

True love has a habit of coming back. 

How they met
‘Hum toh chale the dost banne, jaane kaha dil mil gaye’… These lyrics from the then-popular TV show Dill Mill Gaye seem to be written precisely for Mansi Sharma and Prashant Sharma. 

Ironically, back in 2015, the couple introduced each other on an app called ‘DilMil’. They started talking and decided to FaceTime each other and Prashant concluded that Mansi wasn’t his ‘type’. So, they decided to stay friends. They followed each other on various social media platforms. Mansi lived in California while Prashant lived in Louisiana. A few months down the line, Prashant started seeing someone and Mansi would ‘like’ their pictures on Instagram. 

In May 2017, Mansi noticed that Prashant was posting selfies on his profile. She would compliment him and he would flirt back. Prashant’s parents were supposed to visit him and he wanted to get them to visit California. So, he contacted Mansi for help. She replied with a sassy comment, ‘why don’t you ask your girlfriend?’, who lived in California during that time. That’s when Prashant revealed he’s single. Mansi worked night shifts, so she asked him to send her their flight details and offered to prepare an itinerary for them. One of the places was Yosemite National Park, which was near Mansi’s house. Prashant was very impressed by Mansi and invited her to join them for breakfast before the hike down to Yosemite and the hike as well. Mansi gladly accepted! 

Mansi met both, Prashant and his parents for the first time then. Prashant and Mansi started flirting while hiking. Mansi got along with them so that that they invited her to visit Universal Studios with them!

As soon as Mansi got home, she told her mom, “I’m going to marry this guy” to which her mother laughed. Next day, Mansi went on the trip with them. Since she had worked the night before, she was tired and slept in Prashant’s mom’s lap. During this trip, they both wanted to take this forward and discussed the problems they would face if they went ahead with this – especially since he had been in a long-distance relationship and she hadn’t. They decided they will see each other every month and they did! Even though they had different lifestyles, work schedules, they managed to see each other. Eventually, Mansi started to fall for him but knew that he wasn’t ready. 

Kehte hai na, Maa sab jaanti hai… Prashant’s mom would text Mansi asking what the couple had in mind about their relationship. Mansi tried to talk to Prashant but knew that there was no title, no commitment. They both liked each other and continued to see each other; Mansi just liked him a little more. In December, the same year, he invited her on a trip to Orlando, Florida with his family and she said yes. Mansi decided to get her answers this time. 

Finally, on New Year’s Eve, she woke him up and asked, ‘Do you love me or not? Because I can’t keep on doing this.’ He finally agreed!

The Proposal
Once back home, Mansi told her parents about Prashant and their wedding. Both their parents were happy for the couple. The couple decided to do a photoshoot to let their friends and family know. Mansi wasn’t sure if he would propose, so she decided to do it! Little did she know that Prashant had involved her best friend, her sister and the photographer to plan the proposal. 

Prashant got down to one knee and popped the question to Mansi, officially! *woot woot* 

A blanket on a dock, rose petals in the shape of a heart with their initials and a basket with champagne and two glasses in them – the dream proposal. 

Wedding Ceremonies
While the couple threw a ‘We’re Engaged’ party in California, they planned to get married in India. They had four functions – Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet and the Wedding. The Haldi, Mehendi and Sangeet were all held at Clarks Inn Suites in Ghaziabad while the Wedding took place at Devtara Palace. 

The couple wanted a royal-themed wedding and decor for all the function was just that! Mansi and Prashant had a traditional Hindu wedding with antique decor that added to their royal themed wedding. 

Prashant added a twist to the dulha’s entry when he entered in a vintage car rather than a ghodi. He, along with his friends and family set the floor on fire as they danced like no one’s watching. The baraat was welcomed by Mansi’s family with much excitement. 

The couple looked so much in love as they exchanged garlands and tied the knot. The vidaai was filled with smiling faces as they celebrated the union of the couple. 

Prashant and Mansi started their married life playing some games determining who will rule the house, no guesses who won…

About the Photographer
“The best photographer ever! He knew what we wanted. He had a great team. Our theme was royal, our wedding colours were different, we didn’t want it to be too loud, we wanted more cultural things to be included. Our photographer turned into our friend.” – Mansi, the bride.

The Dream Team
Photographer: Our Wedding Chapter

Bridal wear: Frontier

Groomswear: Diwan Saheb 

Makeup artist: Varaichvanity

Wedding planner/decorator: Devtara Palace

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Wedding Date - December 2018
Wedding Location - Ghaziabad

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