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Harsh & Pragya Delhi : A series of mishaps made this wedding the most memorable day for the couple!

Harsh & Pragya Delhi : A series of mishaps made this wedding the most memorable day for the couple!

For anyone getting married – don’t aim for the perfect fairytale wedding. Perfect is just too boring and fairytales don’t exist. 

How They Met
Harsh happened to be Pragya’s manager. It was definitely not love at first sight but Pragya found ‘workaholic’ Harsh to be incredibly good-looking. Since they were spending quite some time working together, they turned from just colleagues to being friends. Then one day after a 3-day work trip, Harsh asked Pragya to meet him but since she was not interested in him that way, she said no. But he travelled all the way from Faridabad to meet her. While grabbing a bite, he randomly asked her “Do you like me?” which quickly escalated to – “I want to marry you”. Pragya tried every excuse in the book but Harsh did not deter!

The Proposal 
Pragya had made it clear to Harsh that she would want a proper proposal if she ever agreed on marrying him. There did come a point where both families were not agreeing or meeting halfway on things. It became so stressful that Pragya even suggested parting ways but all Harsh could say was, “But I even bought a ring for you.” 

Eventually everyone came onboard. Harsh carried that ring for months trying to find the right moment. Pragya too waited with bated breath for that moment, even making sure to keep her hands neatly manicured at all times. But rather than expecting for a grand gesture, it happened in the simplest and most obvious way, making the moment extra special. One morning, Harsh came to Pragya’s house and took her out for lunch. On the way, Harsh said in the car, “For the time also I asked you if you liked me in a car and again, I am asking you  if you’d marry me in a car”. Then the parking guy started to knock the window to give us the receipt breaking our romantic moment! 

Wedding Planning 
Pragya and Harsh wanted a small and simple wedding. Basically a minimalistic wedding that does not burn a hole in anybody’s pocket! Executive Club in Delhi was a nice, open and green space and since Pragya’s father knew the owner, they got the venue at an affordable price. Most of the planning and preparation happened while the couple were in Dubai. For almost a year, they used to fly down to Delhi almost every month to lend a helping hand to their families who played a major role in getting everything in place. 

Wedding Ceremonies
Like any Indian wedding, the wedding drill is the same – Haldi, Sagai, Mehndi and Shaadi – in the same or different order. The Haldi function panned out to be a short and beautiful event followed by sangeet and sagai. What the couple also realised is that it is best to curate their wedding music list much in advance and instruct the DJ to stick to it otherwise you will end up with listening to clichéd songs. With a lot of effort from the bride’s brothers and bridesmaids to get the right song, the couple exchanged rings to ‘Laiyan Laiyan’. This song was special to Pragya and Harsh because just to gather the courage to propose, Harsh listened to this song about 12 times. 

When we talk about a Sangeet ceremony, it is incomplete without a Bollywood-inspired, well-rehearsed dance performance. All was going well up until a second a second cousin decided to shower wads of money on the couple during their performance. Even if the dance did not pan well, it made up for a funny wedding memory! 

A beautiful sundowner Mehendi function with a lot of colours, dancing and beautiful moments to make up for the unfortunate dance performance from the Engagement ceremony. Pragya and Harsh ended up doing their wedding dance routine…twice! For the couple, the highlight of the Mehendi ceremony was the Mehndi-wale bhaiya who was actually a full-time OT compounder. Compounder by day and Mehendi-wala by night! On the groom’s side of the family, the day ended with a jod-mel ceremony. With the pagadi of responsibility on the groom’s head and bride’s hand decorated with beautiful henna, everyone was now set for the D-day! 

It takes so many small elements to come together to create that one day which is said to be one of the most special. From the kalira to the kalgi, from the chuda to safa, from getting ready to seeing each other on that day – every detail and moment of the wedding day is engraved into the couple’s memory. About a year before the wedding, Pragya and Harsh had attended an A.R. Rahman concert. While crooning to ‘Ey Hairathe Ashiqui’, Harsh turned around to Pragya and proclaimed, you dare ever leave me.” That song and moment truly very special and that’s the same song that the couple wanted to have in the background during the wedding ceremony. But clearly, the DJ had other plans and started mandir ke ghantey in the middle. 

At the end of it all, every goof up becomes a memory, every mess up becomes a story. More than anything, Pragya and Harsh were glad that these goof-ups ended up being these incredible stories and if given the chance, of a do-over, the couple still would not change a thing. 🙂

Wedding Vows
“Everyone thinks that their love story is perfect and mostly that’s true. Every love story is perfect for the two people in it and here’s the love story which is perfect for us. It all started as an office romance only to become one of the most important relationships that I built in my life. From a colleague to a friend to a boyfriend to a fiancé to now my darling husband, you’ve been just perfect in every role. I didn’t straight fall in love with you and not even for a long time after you asked me if I “liked you”, but I always had emotions for you, so strong that I held on. And of course, how could I resist the charm and innocence of Mr. Bhatia for too long and I fell for you and have been falling a little more each day. The 5-year long journey that we had to make to get here was not the easiest. It had its many many highs and some lows, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. This is just as good a place and moment to thank you for everything – for knowing when I need coffee or maybe something stronger, for watching my favorite movie or show for the gazillionth time with me and most of all thank you for asking me that question five years ago and then not giving up on me.” – Love, Pragya

“God has created somebody for each one of us and I used to wonder what would the one for me be like. When I met you, started getting to know you, I realized that you are nothing like me. We are both so different and that is why you complete me. Maybe you were not sure when I asked you out but I am very thankful that things worked out because finding this happiness in life is not that common. To find your one true love is a big deal and I feel lucky to have found you. Your passion for life is what drew me to you and with you life is one big vacation in which I want to travel and see the world with you. I love you and that’s why I want to say sorry for the times when I get difficult. Sorry for dragging you to the gym. Sorry for falling asleep watching the same episode of friends the 1000th time. Sorry for every small hiccup caused by me because I am not as perfect as you think me to be but I will always try to live up to your expectations.” – Love, Harsh

About the Photographer
“The OWC team was amazing.. catered to my every demand. They were so friendly and part of the entire thing that many guests thought that I had asked a friend to shoot us. To say the least I actually am friends with Param!” – Pragya, bride


The Dream Team 
Makeup – Puja Taluja

Hairstylist – Gaurav Chawla (Mehendi)

Decorator – Bhola Tent House

Photographer – Our Wedding Chapter

Bridal Outfit – Frella by Alka Gupta

Groom’s Outfit – Study by Janak

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Wedding Date - December 2018
Wedding Location - Delhi

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