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Ashwin & Pratibha Bangalore : Cross-Cultural, Hindu-Christian Wedding Held at Taj West End, Bangalore

Ashwin & Pratibha Bangalore : Cross-Cultural, Hindu-Christian Wedding Held at Taj West End, Bangalore

Pratibha and Ashwin’s story is not a cliché, fairytale love story. There was no love at first sight and all that drama. It all started out with just a solid base of friendship before they decided to spend their lives together. The two met in Melbourne, while volunteering for the same social club at college. And just like other university students, they simply hung out. But what was striking was that they were and still are poles apart but still shared the same goals. Almost like their paths were different but the destination was the same. Destiny doing it right, I suppose!

As Pratibha and Ashwin come from different cultural backgrounds – she, being a Kannadiga Hindu and him, an Anglo-Indian Catholic, the decided to have the best of both worlds at Taj West End, Bangalore. The wedding day started off with a South Indian style wedding ceremony co-ordinated by Pratibha’s mum, all with the help of the meticulous wedding planners at 3 Productions. In terms of décor, they chose pastel hues. 3 Productions suggested having marquees for an added touch of elegance. They even had a bridal party that served as the Catholic touch to a solemn South Indian ceremony.

The after party was everything Anglo, from having Ashwin’s guitar teacher’s band from Coonoor playing on the night to the Grand March to the vintage chandelier – it was exactly what they had envisioned. The eventful night included the first dance, the father-daughter dance, a toast by Ashwin’s uncle, the maid of honour speech and bride and bride groom speeches.

What we really loved about this couple is how adorably they spoke of one another. #relationshipgoals!

Prathibha is a very strong, independent and level headed woman but she can also be very stubborn! Her parents also confirmed that she was always a stubborn child and although I didn’t sign up for the stubbornness it was part of the package that is – Prathibha. She is however an equally understanding person with a friendly nature and will always do the best for her friends and family! She has been very supportive of me throughout my career over the past few years and been the rock in our relationship. She is the apple of my eye, the straw to my berry, smoke to my high and the yin to my yang. – Ashwin

JACKPOT! That’s exactly what I hit with Ashwin. A man who can cook, bake, SING, jive, garden, fix anything that comes his way and makes the best Crème Brulee and Chicken 65. Talents and skills aside, he’s the most ambitious and patient person I’ve ever met, also someone who can strike a conversation with anybody – I mean absolutely anybody – 2 year old to 92 year old! That’s possibly because he can go from behaving like a 2 year to speaking as slowly as a 92 year old – tests my patience, this one! – Pratibha

Vendor Details-

  • Photography – PixelStory.in
  • Wedding planners – 3 Productions
  • Makeup – Sid Hiremath
  • Bride's Wedding outfit – Mysore Saree Udyong, Bangalore
  • Bride's After Party outfit – Duchess Boutique, Melbourne.
  • Groom's After Party outfit – Peter Jackson, Melbourne
  • Jewellery – Sri Krishna Diamonds and Jewellery, Bangalore


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About Wedding

Wedding Date - December 2015
Wedding Location - Bangalore
Wedding Venue - The Taj West End
Photographer- Pixelstory.in

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