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Gaurav & Varkha Mumbai : Intimate Nepal Wedding – A Story of Love and Hope

Gaurav & Varkha Mumbai : Intimate Nepal Wedding – A Story of Love and Hope

Life is all about finding beauty in ashes and hope in the darkest of places . Through Mithilesh Choubey (Fotografia), we came across one such story. This is the story of a wedding, the story of love and resilience under extraordinary circumstances. A story that just had to be told. In other words, this is no ORDINARY wedding story. Mithilesh recounts this as being another assignment for which he had to travel. It was an exciting project since the wedding was going to be in Nepal. Known for its natural raw beauty and picturesque locations, he was prepared for an adventure but was quite unprepared for what was to unfold upon his arrival! 

A day or two before the wedding, Mithilesh was getting ready with his camera to shoot one of the pre wedding functions at Varkha and Gaurav's wedding when he got a call saying there was a bit of a delay. Itching to get out and begin his day, he decided grab his camera, step out of the hotel and click a few panoramas of the vistas in front of him. Just as he strode out of the hotel and must've taken a few steps, when heard a strange rumble followed by a shake. He lost his bearings for a couple of seconds and when turned back, the hotel where his luggage was still stowed away had tilted at an angle of sixty degrees. This was not just an earthquake or another harmless tremor that would have people running down and into the streets only to realize, this was a joke played by nature, and a joke in bad taste. It was a quake of mega proportions. What followed that day and for weeks to come made news world wide as one of the worst natural calamities to hit Nepal. Several tremours, inccessent rains and stormy weather was not going to make things easy for the people of Nepal. This disaster took lives, not in the hundreds but thousands, the damange to property and lives was irreversible and the country was shaken down to its very foundations – literally. 

In the meantime, what was happening to Varkha and Gaurav? They were to be married in the next few days. Festivities had been planned, guests had flown in, the celebrations had nearly begun. The fate of this young couple was in nature's hands. Amidst death, tragedy, pain and loss, was it even a good idea to get married? There was no wedding venue, no arrangements and not much of a will to celebrate either. Life always has a plan and it usually is a reaffirmation of the fact that what has to be, has to be, against all odds. The will to move forward, survive and find meaning when everything else seems hopeless is what is the differentiator. "If there is going to be a wedding, we are going to shoot it," said Mithilesh to Varkha's father. And so, there was a wedding! Not with the same pomp and show, but with a lot more love and a bigger celebration. It did not happen at a grand wedding venue, but in Varkha's backyard. And there was a reception, not at the ballroom of a fancy five star property, but at the Nepal millitary museum. People colloborated, came together, decided on alternatives and made things happen for this bride and groom. When love and togetherness is in the cards, even an earth shattering earthquake becomes but a small obstacle. 

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About Wedding

Wedding Date - June 2016
Wedding Location - Mumbai
Photographer- Mithilesh Choubey Fotografia

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