10 most romantic spots to propose to your loved one!

10 most romantic spots to propose to your loved one!

So, it’s time to pop the question!

You’re nervous, you’re anxious, you’re excited and edgy.

You are planning to ask your loved one, a question that defines your future with him/her.

That’s something that has anyone’s mind blown away!


You don’t want to make any mistake and you definitely don’t want to hear a no. You go over this again and again and again. Rehearsing it, framing the

question and planning the entire proposal can drive anyone crazzzzyyy! But you can breathe, trust me you can.

I’ve tried to make things simpler for all of you (hopefully).


I’ve got you some romantic spots that can up your proposal plan to bring out that extra spark and romance:


1.Santorini, Greece-Picture perfect!


Image source: Andrea Salex


Image source: Danicaspi


Image source: Kosmondo


Santorini is best known for its blue and white domed churches, the legendary sunset over the turquoise Aegean Sea, windmills and of course the picturesque view. This is a perfect spot to go down on your knee and propose to your loved one. The sunset, the white-washed little homes and the kind of privacy this place has makes it a haven for the romantic couples.


2.Bora Bora-The island of love and romance


Image source: Michu travel


Image source: Pinterest


This place has everything you need to impress your partner and when you pop that question, there is slim chance you will be turned down at this absolutely breathtaking location. Houses over beautiful blue lagoons, the view of the calming sunset and the sailing tours available, can all make this a splendid experience.


3.Paris, France- Never gets too old!


Image source: Adelle Tucker


For most couples, Paris=Cliche.

Nah! I don’t think so.

This is a romantic destination we all can never get enough of. Every girl dreams of having that perfect click with the eiffel tower in the background.  Make it special for your loved one and propose him/her in the city of love.


4.Iceland- Make it mesmerizing!


Image source: DK photography


What better backdrop can you have other than the Northern light or the Aurora Borealis? Go down on your knee with these mesmerizing, spectacular lights above you and enjoy the view with your loved one. Also, an added plus point of this location is the kind of privacy and tranquility it provides. A perfect, perfect getaway!!


5.Cappadocia, turkey- Up high in the sky!


Image source: Marry me in travel


You are 99.9999999% close to win over your partner’s heart if you are planning your proposal way above, in a hot air balloon.

Enjoy the view of honeycombed hills and enormous boulders, like never before! Bring on some champagne and raise a toast in style!


6.Venice- Propose in style!


Image source: Pietro


Image source: Pinterest


Step 1- Hire a gondola

Step 2- Take your loved one for a ride

Step 3- Stop the gondola and walk your partner to a bridge

Step 4- Go down on your knee (For filmy effect)

Step 5- Propose and kiss your partner


P.S- I am not comnfirming that he/she will say yes, nonetheless, y’all can enjoy the city!


7.Cliffs of Moher, Ireland



Stretches of cliffs, wildflowers in summer and spring and the sound of the celtic harp make it a beautiful and adorable moment for you and your loved one!


8.The Shard-Enjoy the breathtaking view!




What’s the USP of the shard?

Anybody would know the answer to this. Of course the view, DUH!!!

Enjoy the available private proposal packages and soak the breathtaking view of London, right from the top.

P.S- Not advisable for people with acrophobia- don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!


9.Neuschwanstein castle, Germany



Image source: Schloss Neuschwanstein

Who doesn’t love castles?

Give your partner a Disney-like experience by proposing in this spectacular, larger than life 19th century castle.

The architecture, the beauty and the location is sure to take his/her breath away!!


10.Isle of skye, Scotland-Enjoy the calmness



Image source: Sven Tegelmo


The hills, the gushing water, the greenery and you with your loved one.

Yes, this is for real!!!

You can give your loved one an experience of a lifetime by proposing to him/her at this calm and tranquil spot!


Which location is sure to melt your partner’s heart?

(And of course ensure a yes!)


P.S- Don’t quote me if you get a NO!


Images sources: Pinterest unless specified

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