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10 things to do with your mum this Mother’s Day, must read for all brides-to-be!

10 things to do with your mum this Mother’s Day, must read for all brides-to-be!


Its Mother’s Day!

I am sure y’all must have planned to gift your mothers something special or do something memorable with your mums! In case you haven’t, not to worry, the day isn’t over yet and you have me to help you out with some uber-cool ideas. Moreover, if you are a to-be-bride, its best to make this Mother’s Day super-duper special for your mother before you get hitched, because she is sure to miss you the most!!


This day is not about spending money, in fact it is about spending time with the most important person in your life and doing teeny weeny things to bring a smile on her face. It sure is the best way to spend some quality time with her, while keeping everything else aside.


Here’s me listing some fun activities and little surprises which are sure to impress all your moms:


1. Dinner date



Going out for a dinner date with your better half is one thing, but planning a special dinner date with your mom is an unmissable experience. Choose a place which has a good ambience, her favourite music and of course delectable food.


2. Rejuvenating spa session



Your mom needs relaxing, she needs a break from her everyday routine! What’s better than fixing up a spa appointment for her, giving her some relaxation and rejuvenation. You could make it more exciting by joining her in this session!


3. Breakfast in Bed



Treat her like a queen and you are sure to win her heart! Cook her a sumptuous breakfast and serve it to her in bed.


4. Visit the most memorable spot



You and your mom are sure to have some spots, which y’all must’ve visited often when you were little- it could be a museum, restaurant or a park. Try reliving the same memories by visiting the same places, not only will it make her nostalgic but also happy about how you have managed to keep the memories y’all shared alive till date.

P.S- Don’t forget to click some pictures! (for uploads)


5. Take a workshop together



Amidst work, marriage planning and a hectic schedule, you and your mom are sure to hardly squeeze out any time for yourselves. You can spend quality time with her by signing up for a workshop over the weekend. It could be related to yoga, dancing, sewing or cooking- the main motto is to make it fun and exciting!


6. Weekend getaway



Ditch all the meetings, appointments and chores your mom has to deal with on an everyday basis!

Pick a beautiful and tranquil weekend spot and go holidaying with your mum.


7. Let her sleep in



What are mothers most deprived of?

Yes, SLEEP is the right answer. Gift her some sleep and she will be happy!


8. DIY gift



Buying your mom a gift is sweet.

But, you know what is suuuuuper sweet?

Making something for her instead!


9. All girls’ brunch



Throw a bunch for all the women at your place and have a little get together. I am sure your mom will love catching up with family and friends. You gals can get to eat and gossip-double treat!!


10. Go shopping!



You could spare a few hours and take your mom on a shopping spree, where the two of you could indulge in shopping at your favourite stores.

P.S- Not only take your mom shopping, but don’t forget to pay the bill ? (wink wink)


Hope your mom has an exciting Mother’s Day!


Images sources: Pinterest


Cover image (right side) source: Freepik

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