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15 Interesting Wedding Myths and Beliefs Around The World

15 Interesting Wedding Myths and Beliefs Around The World

15 Interesting Wedding Myths And Beliefs Around The World

Myths and beliefs have been passed on through generations, be it culture, food or even religions. When it comes to weddings, every country has their own customs and traditions. In India, we believe that rain on your wedding day is a good omen or the fact that lending your lehenga passes on the happiness and luck to the other bride leaving you with misfortune.


Let’s take a look at 15 myths and beliefs from around the world, that form an important part of tradition.



1) Breaking Bread Over The Brides Heads Brings Good Luck

Image Source: harmony gardens
At the wedding feast, it is customary to break bread over the brides head. The crumbs are said to bring fortune to the marriage. The tradition eventually evolved into the cutting of the cake.



2) The Bridal Veil Wards Off The Evil

Image Source: Nicola Tonolini Fotografo

The bridal veil is a must have for any Italian bride. The reason behind the veil is to ward off evil spirits and keep the good luck intact.



3) Sips Of Sake For Good Luck

Image Source:CR- Bridal

San san kudo is a sake sharing ceremony. A common belief in both Shinto and Buddhist Japanese weddings, the bride and groom take three sips of sake from three stacked cups, followed by the parents. 

The first three are a representation of the three couples: the bride and groom, the bride’s parents, and the groom’s parents. The next three represent the human flaws of hatred, passion, and ignorance.


4) White And Red: Must Have Colours At A Wedding

Japanese brides almost always wear white. The colours white and red indicate luck and fortune. Couples incorporate red into their food and decorations.




5) Get Married On A Wednesday

Image Source: June Bug Weddings

English traditions believe that Wednesday is the “best day” to marry, though Monday signifies wealth and Tuesday is for good health.


6) The Origins Of A Traditional Wedding Proposal

Image Source:How they Asked

In the Middle Ages, men would bend down in front of the women they adored. A tradition that still holds dear to many around the world is even spotted in religions where kneeling in front of a deity signifies loyalty and devotion.  


7) Do Not Get Married During The Time Of Lent

Lent is a season of fasting and penance in any Christian family. It is thus considered a bad omen to get married during lent. 



8) Sweeten Your Marriage With A Cube Of Sugar

Image Source:Bridal Musings

In greek traditions, brides tuck a cube of sugar into their wedding gloves for good luck.



9) Pick Your Bridal Entourage In Sets Of Odd Numbers

Image Source: CreteForLove

The Bridal entourage in Greece are picked in sets of odd numbers – three, five and seven. They believe this brings good luck.


10) A Gold Coin For A Prosperous Marriage

Image Source: Photo Bug Community

Most brides also put a gold coin in their shoes, again for good luck.



11) Singing To The Love Of Your Life

Image Source: Tragic Love Story

Ever dreamed of your prince in shining armour singing for you below your window. In columbia, a traditional serenade from the groom to his fiance marks the start of the wedding festivities. 



12) The Lucky Shoe Is Next In Line To Be Married

Image Source: Bridal Guide

Much like the garter throw at a traditional catholic wedding, Columbian men put a single shoe under the brides gown. The one she picks is the next in line to be married. 



13) Don’t Let Your Siblings Steal Your Thunder

Image Source: BrideandBreakfast

It is considered bad luck for siblings to get married in the same year. To add to the bad luck, postponing your wedding as well is said to bring bad omen.


14) There Shall Be Showers Of Blessings

Image Source: Brideandbreakfast

 Much like Indian weddings, rain on your wedding day is the heavens showering blessings on the bride and groom.



15) A Ransom Or You Will Have No Bride


Image Source: Old Samovar

If you are invited to a wedding in Russia, don’t be alarmed when the other guest steal the bride from the groom. This tradition is a lot of fun. The guests even demand a ransom for the bride that the groom must pay. 


Traditions and beliefs add heart and culture to your wedding, making it a memorable fairytale.










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