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5 Annoying Things That Only Happen at Indian Weddings

5 Annoying Things That Only Happen at Indian Weddings

There is a lot that goes on in an Indian wedding. The ‘organised chaos’ of people getting together to celebrate the love of a couple can result in various awkward and funny scenarios that are only possible at an Indian wedding. Here are five things that you can only get to experience and witness at an Indian wedding: 


Want to Get Married?


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The most painful moments for the youngsters attending a wedding is going through multiple awkward moments where an aged aunty will come up to you and bombard you with an endless list of questions regarding your marriage interests. Be aware, don’t say anything that can be picked up as you taking an interest. You will end up listening to a long list of names that and a desperate urge of the aunty to meet them all!


Naagin Dance is a Must


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Don’t know why but for some reason, Indians love to do the Naagin dance. Irrespective of the song playing at that moment or what the general celebratory ambience calls for, uncles will break down into a Naagin and completely commit to it – by that, I mean to roll on the floor, show their tongue and even hiss!


Do You Remember Me?


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At least five aunties and uncles will come up to you and ask the most dreaded and stupid question – Do you remember me? While for the sake of being polite, you will have to reply with a “yes” but how can you possibly expect anyone to remember chacha’s wife’s sister who last saw you at your naming ceremony?! 


Legal for the Sister-in-Law to Steal the Groom’s Shoes


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Like it wasn’t enough that an exorbitant amount of money is being spent in the Indian wedding, the groom has to empty his pockets to pay the sister-in-law some ‘ransom money’. Basically, it is completely acceptable for the sister-in-law to steal the groom’s shoes and demand a hefty amount in exchange for the shoes. 


Can I Take Some Home Please?


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More often than not, attendance and success of a wedding greatly depend on the food. 90% of guests only attend weddings because of the food. Moreover, if the food turns out to be delicious, there are going to be Indian parents and grandparents who are earnestly requesting the caterer to parcel some of the dishes so that they can take it home and enjoy.


Do you know anyone in your family who indulges in any of these activities?

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