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5 Handy Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

5 Handy Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake

Cakes have become a quintessential part of every Indian wedding. Couples either opt for having a cake on their wedding, reception or their post-wedding dinner. Some couples have been seen even opting for quirky cakes for their sangeet and mehendi ceremonies.


When it comes to the types of wedding cakes, there are a plethora of options to choose from- upside-down cakes, black cakes, naked cakes, quirky or kinky cakes, the typical three-tiered ones, and much more. And, if you think wedding cakes can be restricted to one flavour, think again!


Now, all of us know that having a cake at the wedding is delightful. However, what couples are most likely to forget is how to land a cake that fits best! Yes, you read that right. Choosing the right cake is not a piece of cake (pats own back for being lamely creative). There are a variety of factors that one has to keep in mind while selecting a cake; like budget, the trends, the preparation time, etc.


Here are some handy tips to follow if you don’t want to end up eating a cake you don’t like on your wedding and there is no disaster:


1. Rely on your tastebuds


We all know chocolate is a crowd-pleaser. However, don’t ignore the fact that other really lip-smacking cake flavours exist too. For example, banana, vanilla, cinnamon, etc. Make a list of 5-10 top bakeries in your area or in the city and then go for a cake tasting to each of them. This way you won’t be forced to settle for something common. However, don’t go a very uncommon or strange icing option, that most people will not enjoy.


2. Don’t forget the accessories


If you are going in for a cake top or a cake stand, make sure it is done according to you. Let the stand blend in with the colour of the cake or at least complement it. If you want to go in for fondant figurines or other cutesy and quirky cake tops, make a note of it!


3. How many tiers?


Undoubtedly, one of the most important decisions every couple has to make- two or three tiers? If you are wondering why not a plain, single-layered cake, that is because they are too blah and don’t look like wedding cakes at all. Choose the number of tiers depending on the number of guests you have invited, you don’t want something like cake to either be wasted or worse the guest left wanting for more, right?


4. Keep trends in mind


It is essential for y’all to keep the wedding trends in mind in terms of cakes. Keep a close tab on Instagram, Pinterest and browse websites of top cake shops in your city. You don’t want to miss out on something exciting that is trending and go in for something typical and drab.


5. Give the baker sufficient time


Don’t keep your cake for the last minute. Start planning your cake at least a month in advance. By this time, your theme and decor are all in place and you could get a cake which complements these.


In addition to these tips, it is best if you keep the cake table’s size in mind, make sure it is not out of the fridge for a long time on the D-day, and don’t expect something 100% like what you see on the internet.


All set to binge on your cake?

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