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5 Ways to Handle Wedding Planning When Both Families Agree on Nothing!

5 Ways to Handle Wedding Planning When Both Families Agree on Nothing!

“Marriage is not a union between only two people, it is a union of two families.” 

A saying that many of us have heard over and over again, especially when a ‘wedding’ is being discussed.


Surprisingly, more than taking care of vendors and getting them to do your work, it is a task to ensure that the families are on the same page and agree on almost everything. Wedding planning involves a whole lot of work, preparation, responsibilities, and of course stressors! It is not possible to go ahead with wedding planning if families tend to argue at every step.


If you too are facing similar issues at your end, here are some handy tips you can consider:


1. Make sure you and your partner don’t fight


The last thing that you would want is you and your partner fighting and not being on the same page.

This would only mean worsening the situation further. You and your partner are the common links between families, so make sure y’all don’t let stressors affect your relationship and in turn the planning.


2. Learn to compromise


No, I am not saying you should be manipulative, but make smaller compromises to avoid big conflicts and arguments. For example, if you don’t want to wear something bought for you by your in-laws, don’t outright refute them. Make them understand or else try to incorporate it.  Look at the bigger picture!


3. Don’t be biased


It is understood that you may take up for your family, but don’t be biased. At times there may be a situation wherein you are asked to take sides or give opinions or take decisions that may be in favour of one family and not the other. Do not immediately take up for your family. Be calm and composed and take one step at a time.


4. Don’t try to do everything!


Micromanaging can lead to a disaster. The more you try to control everything, the more things may get out of control for you.

So, don’t get upset if things don’t look very rosy or are not in your favour always.


5. Include both families


You and your partner should sit down with both your families and talk before the preparations begin in full swing. This will give the families better clarity and a chance to speak their minds. Also, the families will get a chance to allocate and delegate wedding preparation responsibilities well in advance.


So, the crux of the matter is to take a deep breath, think positive and go with the flow and follow the above tips.

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