5 Winter Flowers for your Bridal Hairstyle

5 Winter Flowers for your Bridal Hairstyle

For their bewitching appeal, freshness and charm, floral hairstyles are undoubtedly the most favoured go-to for brides for their bridal hairstyles. Since the winter season is considered peak time for weddings in India, it is only right to include some seasonal flowers in your hairdo. Check out five winter flowers that you can consider: 




Image Source: Reba Khan


These flowers in winter seasons come in a multitude of colours including yellow, red, pink, white, orange and purple. You can even create an ombre effect as this bride has! 




Image Source: Pinterest


Anemones come in a variety of colours including white, red, purple, pink and blue. They require a lot of water when they bloom so when you cut them and add to your floral bridal hairstyle, keep in mind that they will wilt quickly.




Image Source: Pinterest


In a white wedding, Camellias are a bridal favourite. Also, the waxy leaves add a nice, green touch. You can attempt at an open-hair bridal hairstyle for these flowers.




Image Source: The Styles by Sha Hair


Orchids are available all-year-round so for a winter bride, this can always be an option. They smell nice and look great with various kinds of bridal hairstyles – bun, plaited or open! 




Image Source: Pinterest


Of course, you can stick with the all-time classic option of roses and go for some winter blooms to dress up your hair! From pink to red to blue, you can pick the colour that looks the best with your bridal ensemble.


What’s your favourite winter flower to include in your bridal hairdo?

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