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50 Drool-worthy Mandap Decoration Ideas from 2019 #Weddingz2019Rewind

When you zero-in your wedding venue, the next pivotal thing you have to focus on is getting the mandap right. Now, this is not something that works like magic and there are a variety of factors that revolve around it- the location (indoor or outdoor), the setting (beach, countryside, resort, etc), the colour scheme, the theme of the overall decor, the placement of the mandap, etc. 

Next, you need to look at the finer things. For example, if it is a beach wedding it’s best to go in for a floral or rustic mandap, rather than something too jazzy or blingy! Also, if you are planning on having a pastel-themed decor, while your mandap is voluminous and blood-red, it may not do the trick. Moreover, you cannot simply ignore the mandap as a decor element as it is going to be the centre of all attention (literally) on the D-day! 

While brainstorming for mandap decoration ideas, you may have come across that there are a plethora of mandaps you can choose from to up the ante at your special occasion- from shimmery ones with mirrors to dome-shaped regal ones, and rustic ones floating on water to floral ones. 

Keeping all this in mind, I have brought to you a mix of opulent, eclectic, and designs that will leave your guest list stunned! If you are scouting for ideas for Indian wedding stage decor, you might want to bookmark these for sure:

1. Cascading yellow florals, apricot drapes, and an ochre-hued backdrop- this indoor mandap is a must pick especially if you are searching for simple wedding stage decoration ideas. 

Image source: Raj Photo Video
Decor by: Nirali Decor 

2. A fairytale!

The vintage chandeliers, the mix of multi-coloured exotic blooms, and candles as decor- this dreamy decor is #MajorGoals.

Image source and decor by: Prashe Decor

3. With cascading strings of white and red florals and the combination of gold and red hues, this mandap adds the extra traditional touch to the wedding decor. Not to kiss the intricate carvings!

Image source: Badal Raja Company

4. If red is your colour, then this award ceremony-inspired mandap decor is a perfect fit! An ethereal design and colour combination that is enough to leave your guests speechless.

Image source and decor by: Dreamzkrraft

5. Love multi-coloured blooms?

If yes, then this mandap bedecked in exotic florals is a delight to the eyes. It is simple yet majestic!

Image source and decor by: Dreamzkrraft

6. The red velvet backdrop, gold seating arrangement, and vintage pillars on the sides are complemented well by the voluminous floral chandelier and the crystal chandelier below it; giving us #RoyalFeels!

Image source and decor by: Dreamzkrraft

7. Sleek. Minimalistic. Understated.

If this is what defines your overall decor, then you could definitely consider this as one of your mandap decoration ideas. The sleek mirror pillars and the white florals on top are a delight. 

Image source and decor by: Premini Events

8. Stage decoration ideas with flowers are not quite hard to find. If you are someone who loves decor that represents nature, this mandap with flowers and foliage wrapped around its pillars is an ideal pick. 

Image source and decor by: The Wedding Design Company

9. A perfect outdoor mandap that is spacious, has the right amount of ferns and blooms, and the seating arrangement compliments the colour of the flowers well. 

Image source and decor by: Altair Decor

10. Want to take simple wedding stage decoration ideas to a whole new level? 

How about this beachside mandap made up of white mogra flowers, cascading tiny bells, and banana plants on the sides. 

Image source: Naman Verma
Decor by: Atisuto 

11. This floating mandap has left me dumbfounded and I am in love with this oh-so-gorgeous design! The white and baby pink drapes, the matching large lotuses in water, candles, blooms, and the thatched roof- this Japanese-inspired mandap surely should be on top of your list!

Image source: Panodrama Events

12. Scouting for major major major rustic feels?

Take a look at this mandap!

Image source: Artfoto Studios
Decor by: Aura by Gautam Vedi

13. Wondering what it feels like to get hitched in royal-style? This floating mandap looks straight out of a historic film!

Image source: Elan Events by Nipunika 

14. Lavender Love!

This mandap screams elegance, grace, and all things beautiful! Who wouldn’t like getting hitched under this lavender sky? 

Image source: Design by PeeraPach

15. This Boho-themed mandap is great if you are looking out for minimalistic mandap decoration ideas that are fit for the beachside!

Image source: Divine Events

16. How about this mandap that shows off various hues of pink, along with a burst of pastel blooms, and a dainty crystal chandelier. 

Image source: Divine Events

17. This mandap is nothing short of a white majestic world full of flowers and ferns!

Image source and decor by: Butterfly Event Styling

18. Yet another rustic mandap that instantly blows your mind!

Image source and decor by: Butterfly Event Styling

19. If you are compiling a list of stage decoration ideas with flowers, then this cannot miss your eye for sure! The sleek pillars, cascading white flowers and foliage and pastel pink flowers atop the dome make up for an unconventional mandap design. 

Image source and decor by: Butterfly Event Styling

20. When I think of simple wedding stage decoration ideas, this one doesn’t miss the mark! The light cream-hued drapes, a dash of colour with multi-coloured blooms, and an understated chandelier resting in the centre- perfect for an outdoor venue.

Image source: Wizkim Wedding Official

21. This all-green mandap looks straight out of a fairytale book, doesn’t it?

Image source: Wizkim Wedding Official

22. Simple, sober, and elegant- a perfect mandap design for a beachside wedding. 

Image source: We Don’t Say Cheese 

23. Unconventional mandap decoration ideas are aplenty- this one surely tops the list with its white drapes, blooms, and glass candle stands. 

Image source: Laurie Bailey Photography

24. Inspired by the Mughal gardens, this blooming mandap abundant with roses is a sight to behold!

Image source: Sepia Events

25. Yet another pastel wonder for those who are in love with everything pretty!

Image source: Magic Motion Media 

26. An exhilarating carved dome structure replete with blooms- this mandap is every millennial couple’s dream! 

Image source: Aurum by Varun Bahl 

27. Searching for stage decoration ideas with flowers?

How about this floral dome-shaped mandap replete with some pretty white blooms and dotted with pink and red flowers!

Image source: Bhumi & Simran Photography

28. Who would ever imagine all it takes is logs of wood, two bouquets of roses and drapes to make it to the most coveted compilation of mandap decoration ideas? Although extremely simple, this mandap has something unique about it!

Image source: Neha Jiwarajka- Basu

29. This mandap is exuding major #ParadiseFeels! 

Image source: Reels and Frames
Decor by: The Wedding Design Company 

30. A rather traditional Indian wedding stage decor idea- with a simple dome-like structure bedecked with vibrant blooms!

Image source: Zohaib Ali Photography

31. Here the hue of the drapes and the complementing flowers do the trick!

32. This beachside mandap is all about class, elegance, and minimalism.

33. A rectangular-shaped mandap decorated with a thick layer of ferns and foliage cascading from the roof, along with pretty drapes and chandeliers. 

Image source: CoolBluez Photography

34. This mandap decor steals the show! The wedding aisle is a message, the purple and white blooms leading the way to the mandap and the terrarium lamps cascading from the roof- each detail is drool-worthy.

Image source: Reels & Frames by Anand Rathi 

35. Yet another floating mandap that gives us major traditional #RoyalVibes!

Image source:  Wizkim Wedding Official

36. This see-through mandap constructed on a swimming pool is a treat to eyes. The voluminous blooms, the white pillars, and the view, all contribute to it being a surreal location to get hitched at!

37. Another mandap with a message serving as the aisle. The uncovered light bulbs and the minimal frame as the backdrop adds to its elegance. 

Image source: Hitched & Clicked

38. This one is classy and has a completely unconventional design to it. The large leaves, flowers sheer drapes, and cozy seating arrangements add to the ‘WOW’ factor!

Image source: Wedding Duo 

39. How about this tribal-inspired wedding mandap for those want simple wedding stage decoration ideas. 

40. When it comes to mandap decoration ideas, there is nothing like too much, is there?

Image source: Prashe

41. With white drapes and multi-coloured blooms, this mandap decor is perfect for a summer wedding!

42. Purple and white flowers lead you right up to a purple mandap that is bedecked with complementing flowers. A sure pick for the couple who wants something different and hatke!

43. Want to add some fun to your otherwise simple wedding stage decoration ideas?How about these cute and traditional peacocks made up of flowers!

Image source: Tanvi & Co. 

44. Yet another one with peacocks. I don’t seem to get enough of them 😛 

Besides, a great element to add to your Indian wedding stage decor. 

Image source: FNP Floral Touch

45. This red dome-shaped mandap standing on pillars decorated with pieces of mirrors, resembling a mosaic-like design, is an opulent and grand pick!

Image source: The Wedding Design Company

46. This is what traditional Indian wedding stage decor looks like, isn’t it? The pillars bedecked with red flowers, archways made out of white blooms, and a dome made up of gold-coloured bells- I am in love with this one.

Image source: Andevi Wedding Design  

47. Enter into a magical land of vibrant colours, bright flowers, and ferns!

Image source: Premini Events 

48. With ferns and glass baubles cascading from the top and the pillars bedecked with flowers, this mandap should surely be on your mandap decoration ideas list!

Image source: Saurabh Rungta Photography

49. Madly in love with flowers?

Yes, I feel you, completely! The moment you felt that ideas related to stage decoration ideas with flowers got exhausted think again!

Image source: Event Chic Designs 

50. Peachy Paradise!

Scouting for ethereal mandap decoration ideas? This all-peach mandap decor is sure to win your heart!

Image source: Design by PeeraPach

All set to tie the knot amidst your favourite mandap?

Images source: Pinterest (unless specified)

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