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50 Simple Mehndi Design Images to Save this Wedding Season!

50 Simple Mehndi Design Images to Save this Wedding Season!

You asked to see more simple mehndi designs, and I heard! I have curated the 50 best simple mehndi design images for 2022, which you can wear for any big or small occasion. Simple mehndi designs, unlike complex and intricate ones, are small, easy to draw, and make for the perfect choice for occasions like engagement, Karwa Chauth, Teej, Diwali, Eid, and much more!

Scroll down and check out these stunning mehndi design images 2022 and save them to your phone or Pinterest boards to get inspired when you need them. You can also get sharing these simple mehndi designs with your girls and give them some great ideas for bridesmaids’ mehndi!

1. Simple mehndi design for hands with classic Arabic motifs

If you’re a big fan of Arabic mehndi designs, then these classic floral patterns in Arabic style with veins and leaves is something you’ll surely love! 

How about getting a classic and simple mehndi design like this for your Roka or engagement party? Totally beautiful, isn’t it? 

Image Source: Roze Henna

Or a dulhan mehndi design that’s simple and stunning at once! 

Image Source: Jenny’s Mehndi

Perhaps, you could try a simple mehndi design on the backhand that’s easy to draw by yourself too! 

Need a mehndi that’s minimal yet attractive? This mehndi design image needs to be saved right about now!

A mehndi design image that needs to be saved ASAP, especially if you like minimal and simple mehndi designs! 

Image Source: Promy’s Henna Cavern

Yet another simple mehndi design with floral and leaf vein and a bit of paisley!

Not a huge fan of veins and leaves? Get a simple mehndi design in Arabic style with flowers and circular motifs! 

Or how about getting a statement Arabic style mehndi flower with minimal design? P.S. This simple mehndi design is a cute option for the kiddos too! 

How about a big Arabic style flower on one side, and some traditional Indian mehndi design motifs on the other? Looks great, right? 

Nothing beats a simple Arabic mehndi design that’s a classic mix of bold flowers and leafy veins! 

2. Delicate and simple back hand mehndi design

Image Source: Henna by Divya

This simple Indian mehndi design with dainty floral motifs is perfect to wear for a friend’s wedding or engagement. 

3. Simple mehndi design for fingers

If you aren’t too keen on getting your hands painted fully with henna, then these simple mehndi designs which only cover the fingers are something you can definitely draw inspiration from!

Image Source: Henna for all

A simple Indian mehndi design that’s gorgeous enough to be worn for your big day! 

A simple mehndi design image to inspire you to create something dainty and absolutely beautiful! Pin it NOW! 

A simple mehndi design for your backhand fingers that’s a little more elaborate and festive. Perfect to wear on your bestie’s wedding! 

Not the one to fuss over mehndi? Need a simple mehndi design just to wear as a shagun? Save this mehndi design image as a future reference! 

4. Charming mehndi design trail that’s modern too

Image Source: Chelchele

If you are seriously done with all the heavy bridal mehndi designs and need something cool and contemporary, this mehndi design image needs to be in your phone gallery or Pinterest board right now! 

5. Contemporary mehndi design that’s IN this season

In the mood for some fun? Pain your nails black and get a simple mehndi design with intricate geometric motifs like this and you’re good to go!

6. Graceful Indian mehndi design for the minimalist 

Image Source: Henna Boutique Brisbane

Don’t wish to go overboard with your mehndi design? Pick a delicate design with feathers and beaded strings like this! 

7. Simple mehndi design with a stunning trail of flowers

Break the boring and get a simple floral trail like this one for your big day! Sure to turn some heads and get a lot of compliments along the way! 

8. Simple mehndi designs for hands

These simple Indian mehndi designs with traditional motifs and easy-to-draw patterns are a great bet if you are looking to wear something elegant and minimalistic on your big day! 

Image Source: Henna for all

This simple mehndi design with traditional mandala motifs is a sure-shot stunner for any occasion!

Or this Indo-Arabic simple mehndi design, which has bold floral and intricate net motifs. 

Image Source: Henna for all

A simple Indian mehndi design with adorable elephant motifs is a great idea to wear on your wedding or engagement day! 

Image Source: Henna for all

Prefer something more dainty to paint your palms? This graceful mehndi design with leaves and veins is a great pick! 

Image Source: Rose Mehndi

You can even go unconventional with just a simple mehndi design on half of your palm! 

Image Source: Zaina’s Mehendi

Or just leave some empty space on your palm to create an alluring design effect. 

This statement Arabic floral mehndi is a simple and easy option for the kids!

Want a palm full of henna but looking for an easy design? Save this simple mehndi design image NOW! 

The possibilities of getting a simple mehndi design for hands are endless! This innovative design with finger and wrist design is perfect for the hatke bride!

9. The classic mandala mehndi design with a little bit of jazz

A simple mehndi design with the classic mandala motif is purely timeless. Make it a bit more modern by accenting the design with some glitter or buttis.

10. Modern and simple mehndi design with traditional motifs

Taking traditional motifs from Indian mehndi designs and using them to create designs that are modern and eye-catching is pure talent! If you too want something that’s edgy, yet has a bit of traditional elements, then these simple mehndi design images are a must-save! 

Simple leaves woven with geometric shapes to create a stunning yet simple mehndi design!  

Or perhaps the use of different shapes, flowers and leaves to create a mehndi design that’s a bit more bold and edgy? Do you like it? 

This simple mehndi design with leaves, crescent moon and bead motifs spells B-A-D-A-S-S. Makes for a perfect matching bridesmaids mehndi. 

Simple mehndi design elements when brought together make this design look right out of a pop-culture movie or book! Perfect for those who want to try something unconventional. 

Oh, the lotus that will never go out of style! Isn’t this gracel mehndi design simple enough to be worn for any special occasion?

11. Simple backhand finger mehndi design for Roka

Image Source: Henna for all

If you are the one to break the rules and try something hatke for your roka or engagement, this simple mehndi design is a great to draw inspiration from!

12. Minimal mehndi design that’s attractive too

Do you prefer minimal mehndi designs over bold and intricate patterns? If you answered yes to that, you have to pin these simple mehndi design images to your inspiration board right now! 

The no-fuss simple mehndi design that you can DIY! 

Fancy hathphools? Why not get a mehndi design that resembles one? 

Image Source: Manisha Mistry

A dainty mehndi design like this one is sure to catch your eye, if you are a lover of minimal designs! 

Oh, these snowflakes! As pretty as anything you will see on a mehndi design. Perfect for the little girls! 

Image Source: Sara Henna

Fancy bead strings on your henna? This simple mehndi design for hands is something you should surely save! 

13. For the Indo-Arabic simple mehndi design lover

Are you one of those who love Arabic mehndi designs and Indian mehndi designs equally? Well, you’ve got to check out these Indo-Arabic simple mehndi designs which bring the best of both worlds together! 

Bold Arabic style flowers and intricate Indian style motifs! What’s not to love?

Image Source: Henna by Divya

This mehndi design given an Arabic spin to the classic mandala design. Perfect to wear for an engagement or Roka! 

Image Source: Henna by Divya

Here’s yet another combo of Arabic and Indian design with flowers and net motifs that’s simply gorgeous! 

The bold use of vines with intricate Indian motifs make this simple mehndi design a sure-shot winner for any occasion.

14. Simple mehndi design with classic Indian motifs

Got a penchant for a classic Indian mehndi design? Save this simple henna design NOW! 

15. Simple mehndi design for feet

Feet mehndi designs are usually worn by brides, but if you are a die-hard henna lover, you can wear them for special occasions too! These simple leg mehndi design are a must-save if you are planning to get your feet painted for some occasion! 

This half mandala design on the feet is a fresh change from the bunch of lotuses and peacock motifs! Totally a great idea to wear for a special occasion or pooja at home! 

Image Source: Henna for all

It’s not possible that you talk about a simple mehndi design and don’t mention paisley! This classic motif is here to save the day when you don’t know what else to get! 

Fancy a beautiful foliage of net on your feet? Save this simple mehndi design ASAP! 

A classic Indian mehndi design for your feet that has all the traditional motifs including flowers, leaves and beads! A complete winner, I say! 

Now that you saw so many simple mehndi design images, hope you’ve liked some and saved them as a reference to show your mehndi artist and get your hands and feet painted in beautiful shades of red and maroon! 

Image Source: Pinterest.com


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