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6 Diet Tips to Help you Lose the Excess Weight Before your Wedding

So Your wedding is just around the corner and you are still going back and forth with your exercise and gymming routines because of the lack of time. We couldn’t agree more with how taxing wedding planning can get! As a bride, you’re certainly under pressure to lose that excess weight and look like a princess for the big day because who wouldn’t want to have a nice slim waist while tying the knot? 

You’ve probably tried everything under the sun right from extreme diets that have made you weak and frail and some point or the exhaustive gymming. Let me break the secret to you and tell you that diets don’t have to be extreme. One of the many reasons diets don’t work is because we tend to restrict ourselves too much and exactly the opposite occurs. What really works is mental training and I will tell you how this whole thing works. 

1) Check Your Relationship With Food

I don’t mean to sound crazy, but this does work. Everything we consume is energy and we’ve been taught since school that food gives us energy. So what exactly is your relationship with food like? Do you eat and then feel guilty about consuming that food? Or do you keep saying ‘This is going to make me fat!’ and then eat it anyway? If you’re constantly saying that to your food, its going to act out in some way. Instead, try saying things like ‘I’m getting thinner with every bite.’ Sounds crazy I know, but it has worked for at least 5 people that said this to their food. 

2) Intermittent Fasting

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Intermittent fasting is one of the best ways to maintain your diet because you’re disciplining your food intake habits and giving your digestive system a good break. The trick is to try it for 21 days until you finally get used to it and see results!

3) Food Intake 

What is your food intake like? Are you consuming more food than your body needs? Now your body knows when you need to stop eating and you need to pay attention to how much you need to eat. If you don’t have that relationship with your stomach, you need to start maintaining it. In this way, you can eat all the food you crave but in bits and parts. 

4) Avoid Eating Out

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This is probably the most common tip you hear everywhere but it makes a huge difference. It’s best to consume the food that is made with ingredients you trust because your body is aware of what’s going inside your system. 

5) Get Active 

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Do you take rickshaws and taxis wherever you go? How about walking half the distance and then catching a cab or a rickshaw instead? If you’ve skipped the gym, don’t get hassled, put on some Bollywood music and dance it out instead. I bet that is going to make you lose more weight than you anticipated! 

6) Feel Thin

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Last but not least, what does an ideal weight look like to you? When was the last time had a certain figure and maintained it? Bring that feeling back to yourself and act as you’ve already lost that weight. If you’re more confident, take it one step further and buy a dress that is a size smaller. 

So put on your running shoes to get set for your big day!

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