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8 Asian Dishes That Will Take You on a Culinary Ride!

8 Asian Dishes That Will Take You on a Culinary Ride!

Every fifth Indian you come across will tell you that their favourite cuisine is ‘Chinese’. Like the Americans turned their famous hamburgers to aloo tikki burgers, the Chinese community of Kolkata has given an Indian makeover to the original dishes,i.e., inculcated a deep love for the beloved ‘chowmein’. Indians have been loyal to the schezwan fried rice and hakka noodles with manchurian gravy forever. Call it globalisation or just plain curiosity, Indians are becoming more and more receptive towards Asian cuisine. Even the staunch aloo parathas and idli sambhar only fellow is seen gorging on an Indonesian curry!


 A delectable spread of Asian food at your wedding seems just about right. Whether you sip Sake every weekend or Old Monk, here is a small guide to help you select the best Asian food for the buffet!


1. Khow Suey


Image source: Picture the Recipe


Coconut plays a huge role in Asian cuisine. Curries, desserts almost everything has at least a  hint of coconut. Khow Suey is a Burmese delicacy that consists of noodles, a coconut milk based curry and a few condominents to top it off. The traditional recipe demands for egg noodles and chicken/beef curry, but don’t worry it can easily turn into a vegetarian dish.


2. Korean Barbeque



While K-Pop is ruling over teenage girls’ hearts, the Korean barbeque is going to take your tastebuds for a roller coaster ride. A range of veggies and meat are marinated in sweet and spicy combination of sesame oil and sugar. It is then grilled to perfection! There is no wrong way to do the Korean barbeque so don’t hesitate to spruce it up your way!


3. Pho



Pho is an extremely popular Vietnamese soup made of rice noodles, meat and veggies. It is the answer to your  “soup stall  mein kaunsa rakhe tomato ke alawa?”


4. Sushi



Ah, the much talked about sushi. It has become popular amongst the upper class circles in India. Let me tell you, sushi is an acquired taste. It takes time to get accustomed to the subtler notes when you’re used to eating masaledar khana. 

This Japanese dish might not appease your Lucknow ke chacha but your South Bombay ki maasi will definitely rave about it!


5. Sticky Rice & Mango


Image source: Tastemade


You must’ve heard of Thai curry but do you know about the beautiful dessert from Thailand called sticky rice and mango? It’s sweet, creamy and the mango provides with the right amount of punch.


6. Matcha Ice Cream



Matcha is the dhoor ka cousin from Japan of the green tea. Apart from being healthy, matcha is quite versatile. You can also make desserts with it! My favourite is the matcha ice cream. One bite of this dessert and you’ll become a fan!


7. Khanom Bueang



Khanom Bueang is an ancient Thai dessert that is quite similar to crepes, only crispy. They are given a shape of a taco and stuffed with both sweet and savory items. The one with coconut cream with fresh fruits is your best bet!


8. Darsaan



Darsaan is a Chinese dessert made of fried wonton noodles which are honeyed and sprinkled with sesame seeds. A scoop of ice cream on a bed of these honeyed noodles is what dessert dreams are made of!


Are you just as hungry as I am? BRB!

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