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8 Things that ensure you get the best photographs on your D-day!

8 Things that ensure you get the best photographs on your D-day!

Wedding photography is as old as the Teacher’s bottle sitting in your father’s cupboard collecting dust. A wedding without photographs is like cake without chocolate icing – good, but not memorable! Nowadays everybody claims to be a photographer owing to their (super) smartphones.  But things are a tad different when it comes to professional wedding photography. It is essential to keep a few basic things in mind in order to make the most out of your wedding day so that you can go through the album years later and still feel as if it happened yesterday!


1. Schedule


Image source: Sunny Dhiman Photography


Your photographer needs to have your wedding day schedule beforehand. This way they can tell you when to fit in time for portraits and couple photoshoot. Don’t thrust it in their hands at the last moment and then complain about lack of pictures! Also, please stick to the schedule rather than following the famous ‘Indian wedding time’.


2. Listen to your Photographer


Image source: Fotografia 9


If they tell you to get ready 3 hours before the wedding, so be it! They are professionals who’ve been in the industry since ages. They know their job well so don’t hesitate! Just listen to your photographer.


3. Avoid Heavy Dewy Makeup


Image source: Mohit Bharadwaj Photography


Dewy makeup gives your face an unnatural shine. Your face will end up looking oily in the photographs. Steer clear from lip gloss and glitter lipsticks for they’ll leave a glare.


4. Focus on Each Other


Image source: Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla


It’s your day, it belongs to you and your partner! Please don’t give two hoots about the 420912082 guests who’ve come there just to eat. This day is a celebration of your love and let your photos reflect that! Take as many coy photos you want, after all shaadi ke baad kaha hi mauka milega?


5. Discuss the Poses Beforehand


Image source: Confetti Films


Discuss the kind of pictures you want beforehand and convey it to your photographer. Nobody is expecting you to go all Titanic (unless you want to) or like two strangers in a park. You can go for the usual poses or do something hatke!


6. Enjoy Yourself


Image source: Naman Verma Photography


I understand that the constant glare will be on you and your partner. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and the ceremonies because you were focussing on the fake candids! Photos are eternal, but so are the memories that you weave on this day!


7. Be Yourself


Image source: Recall Pictures


Don’t like romantic photos? Don’t pose romantically. Love romantic photos? Pose romantically! Nobody will stop you from getting the pictures the way you want. Go all out quirky or romantic, your wish!


8. Trust Your Photographer


Image source: Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla


You’ve obviously hired your photographer after a lot of consideration. Trust them, they are professionals in their field and will deliver the promised results. Don’t fret about bad photos. Just relax, go with the flow and trust them!


You want to go through your wedding album in delight, don’t you?

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