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An A-to-Z guide for grooms to achieve that dapper look on their wedding day!

An A-to-Z guide for grooms to achieve that dapper look on their wedding day!


Grooms, the world is cruel to you. It doesn’t want to see your pictures or even consider the fact that you too can dress up for the occasion! But there is one person who does- your bride! You owe it to her to give your best shot just like she is. You know, I am no expert, but I am that mohalle ki stylist who knows a thing or two when it comes to men and their looks.


In my short experience, I have realised that there are two types of grooms. The ones who shower, wear some deodorant, put on their suits and walk towards the wedding venue. Then there are those who sit  down, style their hair and beard and only walk out when they are satisfied with their look. Grooms to be, if you fall under these two categories, I have some good news for y’all! If you are a little clueless like my colleagues here, scroll down so The Man Company and I can tell you to nail ‘em!


#1 The Bearded Man


Image source: The Lightsmiths


The dreamy bearded look is quick to catch the eye. If you aim to nail this look, you’ll have to follow certain steps, my child-


1. Hair: Contemporary  pulled back hair- Pomade

If you are looking for a contemporary look with a touch of classic, brush back your hair and blow dry. Then apply Pomade to complete the look. Pomade will give a much needed shiny look to your hair!


2. Beard: For a dapper looking beard, follow the complete beard care regime including

Beard Oil | Almond & Thyme  

Beard Wash | Almond & Thyme

Beard Wax | Almond & Thyme

Boyar Comb


3. Perfume:  Spruce it up with the heavenly Spice perfume for an intense fragrance!


#2 The Clean Shaven Man


Image source: Naman Verma Photography


1. Hair: Textured hairstyle- Machismo

The Machismo Hair Styling Wax provides strong hold and control for mid-length hair and creates texture and definition without shine. Massage the wax into hair, starting in the back. Add more wax in areas where more control is needed and let it air-dry. Voila! Your hair now has the much needed matte finish!


2. Shave: For the charming clean shaven look, follow the shaving regime including

Pre-Shave Oil

Shave Gel | Lemon Oil

Post Shave Lotion

Brown Shaving Brush


3. Perfume: Don’t forget to leave before you have bathed yourself in Passion!


Grooms, now that I have educated you about the suave looks, please go charm your brides!

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