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Bachelorette Party Ideas, Games, Gifts, Props and all that you need to know to plan the most epic Bachelorette Party!

Bachelorette Party Ideas, Games, Gifts, Props and all that you need to know to plan the most epic Bachelorette Party!

Bachelorette party is the last mad max party of every bride’s life. The day before she gets hitched, comes the day when her closest friends plan a bash that she will remember for a lifetime. Err, hopefully! Having planned 2 bachelorette parties successfully *phew*, here are some things I have penned down that can help you decide on things you might be clueless about regarding your BFF’s bachelorette party.


Right from bachelorette party ideas to bachelorette party games, I have listed down everything that can be a good starter pack if it is the first time you are planning a spinster party all by yourself.



How to plan a bachelorette party?


1. Start early, do your research, be open to suggestions and most importantly, be flexible on everything from dates to budget.


2. There is no hard-and-fast rule to celebrate the bachelorette party just 2 days before the wedding. Set a date that’s 30-45 days away from the big day to make sure that the bride is not too stressed and busy closer to the wedding.


3. If you are the Maid of Honour and planning the bachelorette party, then make a guest list and include all those that the bride wants to invite. You should also consider asking the bride’s future sister-in-laws, even if they might not be close to the bride. (It’s courtesy call, okay?)


4. One advice: Make the bachelorette party all about the bride. If she wants to go bar hopping wearing a bride-to-be sash and tiara, then plan accordingly. But if she’s someone who’d rather spend quality time with her friends at a quiet place with some wine and good food, then consider that.


5. Set a budget for the bachelorette party. By this I don’t mean that you fix something at random. Talk to all the bridesmaids and plan the party in a way that doesn’t make anyone feel like they are splurging unnecessarily. One thing you can do to save money is skip on the gifts and buy the bride 4 extra rounds of cocktails instead.


Here are some tips on how you can spilt the bachelorette party bill:



* First off, the bride doesn’t pay for anything. It’s her day! The bridesmaids have to chip in for everything. Unless you are going for a trip, then maybe you would want the bride to fund her plane tickets, while all of you can split the accommodation and F&B bills!


* Fix a budget beforehand by taking everyone’s individual budget into consideration. Being the maid of honour, you can collect all the money and be the incharge of spending it across the board. Or if you want to chip in real time and spilt later on, you can use an app like Splitwise that helps you calculate how much you all owe each other.


* Pro tip: If you are planning an intimate bachelorette party with just a couple of super-close friends, then blow your money by all means. Take my word, these days won’t come back!



Bachelorette Party Ideas


1. Decorate your bachelorette party venue for insta-worthy clicks


If you are planning to celebrate your bachelorette party indoors, then decorating it like a Pinterest board is a great idea. Not only will your bachelorette party pictures look kickass, it will set the mood for the whole party. Best way to decorate is to pick a theme and stick to it. Scroll down to see some bachelorette party decoration ideas!






2. Book an Airbnb or resort with villa instead of a hotel room


Booking hotel rooms for bachelorette parties is old. Aside the ton of restrictions that come with staying in a hotel, there’s only so much you can enjoy sitting in a room. Book an Airbnb or villa with a pool a little away from your home, so that you can take a little trip to the place and chill there all by yourself!






3. Bachelorette Brunch


Not all bachelorette parties have to be at night. Well, you can always start with brunch and see where things head! Book the bride’s favourite restaurant or better yet, cook up a yummy brunch at home and set a table full of bottomless mimosas. This one is a great bachelorette party idea if you are low on budget!



4. Bachelorette Slumber Party


Broke, much? Pull up your pyjamas, get in the bed, pour some glasses of wine and eat Chinese or Pizza all night as you play some cool bachelorette party games and spend the night gossiping. Now this one’s a truly zero budget bachelorette party idea, isn’t it.




5. Visit a vineyard and spend the day getting drunk on wine


Who says nightclubs are the only places where you can get blackout drunk? Well, a tour of your local vineyard with wine tasting sounds like great bachelorette party idea for your bestie. Plus, you can even book a small space at the vineyard to host your bachelorette and party all day. Sula Vineyards at Nashik is a great bachelorette party destination near Mumbai.




6. Go to a karaoke bar or have a karaoke-themed party at home


If the bride and the bride tribe loves singing, then a bachelorette party at a karaoke bar sounds like a great bet. If going to the bar is not your scene, get yourself a karaoke set or download karaoke apps like Smule and let the party begin in the comfort of a home!




7. Road Trip


If the bride and her tribe is not too big, you all can go on a long drive to a nearby city getaway and chill over the weekend. Make a playlist of songs you all love and pump up the car speakers as you drive and have the time of your life. Don’t forget to stop the car, enjoy the view and click lots of pictures!




8. Concert


If your bride-to-be bestie is a music lover and if you know that her favourite artist or band is performing in your city or nearby, then book your tickets in advance for a bachelorette party where she will scream her lungs out and have the time of her life. You can always go on a bar hopping spree after the concert is over!




9. Cruise Party


If you girls want to sail, spi wine and dine all day long, then hopping on a yacht or a cruise is a great idea. If daytime partying is your scene, then you can book a fully-serviced private yacht or simply buy tickets to a dinner cruise if you want to party at night.




10. House Party


Is there anything more fun that a house party? The place is all yours. You can stock in as much alcohol as you want. Order in food at 1 a.m. and blast music for as long as you want. The most budget-friendly bachelorette party idea so far, isn’t it?




Bachelorette Party Games


Sexy Scattergories


This one will have everyone’s thinking caps on! How fun is it to see all the brides’ friends dead drunk and trying to think of words in a certain category starting with certain alphabets. The catch is to come up words that are not similar to someone else. Here’s a printable card that you can give everyone to write their words on:


2. How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette?


Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt


This is by far one of the most fun bachelorette games you can play at a bar or dance club. Take a cue from the picture below and make up your own challenges. Or better still, take a print of this picture and have a bash at your favorite club. The person with the maximum number of points will get all drinks free throughout the night!


2. How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette?


Check out more bachelorette party games here!



Bachelorette Party Cakes


Bachelorette Party Cakes are a naughty way to add some fun and spice to your girls night out. They come in lots of kinky designs, which you can get custom made at these places!






Bachelorette Party Props


Right from bachelorette party invitations to sashes and tiaras, you can buy everything to make you bestie’s bachelorette memorable. If you are the one to go all out with props for a photobooth, then check out this list of must-have props for your bachelorette party!




Hope all these bachelorette party ideas gave you some hints and clues of planning your BFF’s ‘last day of freedom’ party!

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