Make date nights special by cooking these lip smacking delicacies for your boo!

Make date nights special by cooking these lip smacking delicacies for your boo!

Date nights have their own charm. Whether you are married for 14 years or you just celebrated your first Valentine’s Day, nothing changes date nights. Restaurants and getaways are great, but have you ever thought how romantic it is to cook for your partner? The joy of putting your heart and soul into preparing a dish for them is undeniable. Recreate a candle night dinner at the comfort of your home with these lip smacking delicacies!


Non Vegetarian


1. Fried Chicken

Video Source: Tasty
Fried chicken is such a versatile and beautiful dish! Pair it up with mashed potatoes/maple syrup/yogurt dip and it will still be yummy!
2. Quiche Lorraine
Video Source: Get Curried
A flaky crust cheese pastry with chunks of chicken, mushrooms and spices can hardly be resisted by anyone!
3. Butter Garlic Prawns
Video Source: Cafe Delites
This utterly, butterly, heavenly dish can easily be called ‘food of the Gods!’
4. Lal Maas
Video Source: Spice Eats
All you mutton lovers in the house give me a cheer! Lal Maas is a popular mutton preparation from Rajasthan. The spicy curry will tantalize your taste buds and the succulent, melt in the mouth mutton is to die for!



1. Amritsari Chole with Kulchas



Video Source: Your Food Lab
Bambai mein do cheezo ki kami hai, ek bade gharo ki aur dusri, acche chole kuclhe ki! How about you fill this gap by making some delicious Amritsari chole and kulche for your boo?
2. Potato Au Gratin
Video Source: Recipe 30
Potato Au Gratin is one of my favourite combinations of cheese and potatoes. It is a little bland for our Indian tongue, but you can always add herbs and spices to spruce it up!
3. Hummus Platter
   Video Source: Food Connection
This Lebanese delight is perrfect for all occasions!
4. Paneer Khurchan
Video Source: Your Food Lab
Paneer khurchan is an easy to make, semi dry paneer dish that will make you say, “scrumptious!



1. Chocolate Terrine

Video source: HidaMari ASMR Cooking
My not so informed food lovers, terrine is a french pate served cold. The silky chocolate terrine is my absolute favourite!

2. Brownie with Basil Ice cream

Video Source: Tasty
Video Source: Whisk n Fold

Who doesn’t love brownies?! So of course you have to bake a fresh batch! Serve it with this unconventional basil ice cream. Trust me, it is an irresistible combination!


Umm.. do I get a basket of your homemade goodies for suggesting this brilliant idea? Please? Pretty please?! *puppy eyes*

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