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20+ Simple Mehndi Designs for the minimalist bride!

20+ Simple Mehndi Designs for the minimalist bride!

If there is one function where the bride and her squad are not worried about million things like dance performance and joota churai, it is the mehendi ceremony! There are sooooo many brides who despise the smell of mehndi and vehemently get some done for their wedding. Even the minimalist bride doesn’t wish for elbow or knee deep mehendi. Hi brides who don’t like such mehndi, we have got 20+ simple mehndi designs for hands that you will instantly love! Select from these easy mehndi designs for your upcoming mehendi! Bridesmaids who fall under the same category are also welcome to check out these simple henna designs!


1. Simple mehndi design for hands for a fuss free bride!


Image source: Henna Lounge


For brides who like to keep it minimal, this is one of the best and simple mehndi designs to take inspiration from!


2. Mandala, the latest mehndi design that is simple, yet classy!


Image source: Pinterest


This mandala style mehndi design for hands is so simple and looks so classy!


3. Egyptian style easy mehndi design for hands


Image source: Henna House by Angela


Move over Indian and Arabic mehndi designs, for the Egyptians have arrived! This style of simple mehndi designs often include the wadjet eye or “nazar suruksha khwach” as we Indians call it!


Check out more designs at 10 Gorgeous Arabic Mehendi Designs 

And 20+ Arabic Designs for Brides-to-be!


4. Love how this simple mehndi design looks so elegant!


Image source: Henna by Pallavi


From lotus to lattice work this simple mehndi design for hands has it all!


5. Floral design with chains


Image source: Mehndi Artist Hira


Sharp floral designs with chains makes a great simple design for the back of the hand!


6. Simple henna design with lattice work


Image source: Jesma Mithun


Lattice glove and finger mehndi is a beautiful and easy mehndi design!


7. To be honest, I want this simple henna design next time I attend a wedding!



Image source: Fotowalle


Image source: The Mehndi Girl


For the brides who believe less is more!


8. Simple henna design with Y- design with small motifs


Image source: Toko Mehndi


If you fancy aztec print and geometric designs, this simple henna design is for you!


9. Lace glove mehndi design for hand


Image source: Pinterest


Latest, contemporary, simple mehndi design  for the lady who likes it chic! Definitely had to make it to our list of simple mehndi design images!


10. Easy mehndi design like a free chandelier!


Image source: Pixelena Studio


There is nothing about this mehndi design that we don’t love!


11. The hand is half full or half empty?


Image source: NJ’s Unique Henna


Whichever way you see it, you can’t deny that this simple henna design looks beautiful!


12. Mandala and paisley easy henna design



Image source: All Mehndi Designs


Loving the amalgamation of mandalas and paisley in this simple mehndi design!


13. This simple mehndi design is super easy to do!


Image source: Amrita Henna


This design looks complicated but is a very easy mehndi design!


14. I like to call this one- the Krishna feather mehndi design!


Image source: All Mehndi Designs


For all you gopis out there, this simple mehndi design is for y’all!


15. Unique mehndi design with half moon and lanterns


Image source: Rifas Henna Alain


Okay whoever came up with the idea of half moon and lantern deserves a medal! Totally makes it to our list of cute simple mehendi designs for hands!


16. Best of both the worlds!


Image source: Vows & Tales


This bride chose a simple mehndi design for herself and went for royal portraits of the couple with palki and elephant!


17. Fingering mehndi for the girl who likes to keep it subtle!


Image source: Kismet Jewell Nakai


Super minimalistic and super easy mehndi design for the lady who can’t bear the smell!


18. Half lattice glove henna design


Image source: Sara’s Henna


Another contemporary and chic mehndi design that brides all over have fallen for!


19. Simple Ganeshji mehndi design


Image source: Pinterest


What a great way to include God in your simple mehndi design!


20. Minimal flowers and leaves easy henna design


Image source: Pinterest


Simple henna design like a tattoo!


21. Knuckles and Back of the hand simple henna designs


Image source: Pinterest


This mehndi design on the knuckles and the back of the hand is definitely a winner!


22. Chains and flowers simple mehndi design with a twist!


Image source:Mehndi Artist Hira


Chains and floral designs have always been a hit amongst brides who like simple mehndi designs for hands!


Ladies, whichever design you pick for yourself, whether it is a simple mehndi design or an intricate one, you are going to rock it! So don’t fret about keeping it subtle!

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